Yorkshire Water Offers Free Talks for Kirklees, Bradford, Calderdale and Leeds Schools

Yorkshire Water is offering a free talk or workshop to Leeds, Bradford, Kirklees and Calderdale schools, in a bid to help them prepare for the autumn term. The workshop will teach pupils about how some of the poorer countries still don’t have access to sanitation and safe water.

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The talks form part of the water company’s ‘Big Wish for Ethiopia’ campaign with international charity WaterAid. The aim is to deliver clean water and toilets for 170, 000 households across Ethiopia.

To help communicate this important message, colleagues from the business have volunteered to deliver educational talks at Yorkshire schools and youth groups to highlight the importance of having access to clean water and toilets and, hopefully, raise money for the campaign.

Yorkshire Water aims to raise £1m by 2020 and bring an end to the unnecessary deaths caused by dirty water.

Yorkshire Water’s corporate social responsibility manager, Anne Reed said: “We have great partnerships with lots of schools and youth organisations across the region and deliver some really interesting and engaging talks for them. Our volunteer speakers are knowledgeable and enthusiastic and can really get the message across to pupils that access to clean water and sanitation is a life and death situation. We often don’t really know just how lucky we are in the UK to not have to worry about such basic things.”

“Our dream is that by 2030 everyone will have a tap and everywhere will have a toilet and I would encourage schools to help us spread this message. If you are interested in booking a talk, please visit: https://www.yorkshirewater.com/bigwish and return the booking form.”

Over past couple of years, Yorkshire Water along with its partners has already managed to raise £433, 188 for WaterAid, in support of the work they’re doing in Ethiopia.

In mid 2015, the company had three of their experts sent over to Ethiopia, tasked with sharing their expertise with the Ethiopian Minister of Water and Irrigation and the managers of twenty Water Utilities. The trio spent a total of nine days in Ethiopia, offering their advice on water quality, asset management and leakage detection. Their actions have had an effect on transforming the lives of many.

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