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Working From Home: What You Need To Know


Working from home and being able to set your own hours has been a dream for many. Recently this dream is coming true on a widespread basis, as remote workers are a growing portion of today’s workforce. Even though working from home can be rewarding, in the long run you must remember that as with everything in life, it requires hard work. This is true whether you are running your own business, freelancing, or are employed as a remote worker. Let me share some simple tips that can help answer your questions and put you at ease.

Personal Drive

When working from home, you are the deciding factor of your income. Whether you push yourself to work all day or you let yourself get easily distracted, it’s all up to you now. Allowing yourself to work in a private and quiet environment dedicated only to work will help you stay focused.

Remember you can no longer blame your lack of work on the chatty co-workers. Try setting a time for work and stick to it no matter what, don’t let yourself get occupied by other things.

Take Your Job Seriously, Even If Others Don’t

Despite the growing number of people working from home, there are still many that could have the less-than-positive view of this. Some will think you don’t do anything or your work doesn’t really count. You have to take yourself seriously before others can. Proving yourself to friends should not be a goal, but a motivational tool of progress. You’ll find that working from home actually requires more, not less, self-discipline than a job outside of the house

Staying Focused, With Children

Trying to work in peace can be rather hard if you have kids to take care of at the same time, but it can be done. Try to organize and set aside some time for work prior to them waking up or possibly while they are in school or napping. Swapping some babysitting time with another stay-at-home parent may be another option. These kinds of situations are difficult but with a little trial and error you can stay on track.


Many believe just because they are now working from home, they can work less and have enough time for whatever happens down the line. By bringing work to home you might end up spending more time behind the screen than others with standard jobs. Even if you have a small office at home dedicated for work you might find yourself trying to sneak a few more hours before bed. Sometimes having the flexibility that work at home jobs provide can be a bad thing. Learn to set a schedule, or some limits, to keep work and your personal life in balance.

Influencing Others

Weather you notice or not, when people see you being dedicated and working hard, you set a very positive example. Working through the ups and downs of your job can teach discipline, foresight, and focus to your children. The benefits are enormous by not only influencing others but also yourself.

Being Sick Less

A simple subject that you may not be aware of, is that your exposure to germ filled environments may be drastically reduced. So working at home is actually good for your personal health by limiting the contact with the public on a daily basis. Being sick less equals less sick days and more income right? Then when you do have a day off from work, it can be for a much better reason than sickness.

Taking Breaks

Allowing yourself to take small breaks is crucial for your own health. Being seated for a long period of time can cause cramping or even start back pains. Let yourself take some time off and walk around for a little to stretch, and then get back to work before you get too distracted. Exercise is very important for our health and especially for someone who is seated for long periods of time. Set a recurring alarm on your phone or other device to remind you when it’s time to get up from the desk.


Most work from home jobs require an internet connection. Many will require you to log in to various websites and/or share files to complete your assignments. You’ll want to protect your computer and your information at all costs. Setting up a simple private virtual network can help you when sharing files or information with others.

Working from home can be a wonderful experience, and for some, it’s the only way to work. Utilizing the above tips can help you prepare for this new aspect of your life.


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