Why You Should Go to a Live Comedy Show

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As the weekend approaches the debate about what to do in the evening begins: should you go watch movies, drink and party at a bar, or maybe do something different for a change? A live comedy show may not be on most people’s radar, but it definitely should be. Why? Basically, it’s because people love laughing and it’s even scientifically proven to be good for you. Here are some of the many reasons for you to head out to a live stand-up or sketch comedy show tonight.

It’s Funny

This may seem obvious for anyone, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less of a reason. Comedy is funny and live comedy gives you the opportunity to spend the night laughing, whether you’re with a group of friends or alone. As previously mentioned, laughter is actually the best medicine, and the stress, tension, anxiety, and irritation that gets built up from a week of working will fly out the door as soon as the jokes start pouring out. Granted, all comedy shows may not be comedic genius, but the hit and miss of seeing something live is part of the adventure-literally anything can happen at a live performance.

Lots of Venues

If you think there are no comedy shows near you, you’re in for a surprise; after all, live comedy is actually one of the easiest forms of entertainment to find. If your town has a bar or a comedy club, there’s bound to be a live comedy show there sometimes. The wide range of venues also means that shows are always available-you can have a laugh even on a mundane weekday like Tuesday. Many comedians are on live comedy show tour circuits, so there are a lot of opportunities to catch live shows in many different locations.
One of a Kind Performances

The magical thing about live performances is that they’re always one of a kind. Unless you’re going to a performance taping, you’ll never experience the same show again. Live comedy can’t get old just because you’ve seen it hundreds of times; shows are always populated by new people and new jokes, so it won’t ever be on repeat. Additionally, there are lots of variations of comedy shows. There are as many genres in comedy as music, everything from sketch to improv, stand-up, revues, and many more.

Meet Comedians, Pre-Fame Performances

Every comedian isn’t going to be the next Louis C.K., but all comics get their start somewhere and many of them spend years wandering around the live comedy show circuit. If you’re a frequent comedy show goer, chances are you’ll eventually catch the live performance of a future great comedian and see their brilliance before anyone else. Most comedy venues are fairly intimate, so chances are you’ll even have the opportunity to meet many of these performers if you want to. That means you’ll have mad bragging rights if ever any one of them becomes famous.

Relatively Inexpensive Entertainment

Comedy shows are also a relatively inexpensive form of entertainment. If you go to a show with a major headliner, it might cost a little extra, but you can catch most comedy shows for around $20 and you get to see several acts in one night. That’s a great deal, if you think of the hours of good entertainment you’re getting.


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