Everybody knows just how bad plastic carrier bags are for the environment. They take a long time to breakdown, and even then they remain toxic to their immediate surroundings. In todays modern age there’re alternatives that can put an end to the damage being done.


Why are plastic carrier bags so bad?


Most family’s use between 5 – 10 plastic bags on a single weekly food shop. This equates to billions of bags being used worldwide; it’s no wonder our plastic friends are responsible for so much pollution. But just how bad is bad?


Some plastic carrier bags can take up to 1,000 years to degrade. Each bag also remains toxic long after this process, polluting both soil and water due to the high level of toxicity that remains. This then harms local wildlife and humans alike.


Plastic bags also make up a significant amount of the pollution that floats on our oceans, and are the second most common form of sea debris after cigarette butts. They also make up the majority of debris found on costal clean-ups.


What are eco bags, and why are they better?


Making the switch to Eco friendly carrier bags can have a huge impact on the environment. Less plastic means less toxins in our landfill and oceans. They’re generally made of environmentally friendly materials, and come in a variety of options.


Non-woven carrier bags – typically used by supermarkets as a bag for life, and generally made from recycled materials. They’re strong and can be used multiple times.


Woven carrier bags – stronger than non-woven bags and 100% recyclable. A long lasting alternative to typical supermarket carrier bags.


Paper carrier bags – disposable and 100% recyclable. Ideal for single use.


Cotton and canvas carrier bags – naturally strong and eco friendly. They’re also fully biodegradable. They can be washed and used long-term.


Bamboo carrier bags – made from 100% bamboo fibres making them fully sustainable and eco friendly. Bamboo bags are strong and can also be used long-term.


Switching to any one of the above eco friendly bags can help reduce pollution and reduce landfill waste. You will also have a long-term solution for your shopping needs.

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