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Why Is It a Bad Idea to Pull Out a Baby Tooth?

As you already know, baby teeth are designed to fall out perfectly easily on their own. Even so, plenty of children want to speed up the process by pulling the tooth themselves. After all, there’s often tooth fairy money on the line, and having a loose tooth can be frustrating in any case. Parents may even think it’s a better idea to pull a baby tooth that’s nearly out instead of risking it coming out at an unexpected time and forming a choking hazard.

Whatever your reasoning, you should never pull out a baby tooth yourself. Here are just a few reasons why.

You Could Cause Infection

Baby teeth don’t fall out at the drop of a hat. Yes, they come out naturally, but that process needs to take place slowly. The tooth will become looser as the root that holds it down slowly dissolves. When the tooth finally does come out, the root structure will be practically all gone. If the tooth is pulled before its time, the root will break off instead of detaching as nature intended. The wound will be left open, which could lead to infection. Remember, infection spreads quickly in children since they don’t have developed immune systems.

You Could Damage Underlying Teeth

Baby teeth act as substitutes before the adult teeth come in, and that means more than letting younger children eat and talk normally; baby teeth also hold a space for permanent teeth. When a baby tooth is pulled, the pressure needed to extract it can damage underlying structures responsible for supporting the tooth. As a result, adult teeth may not come through properly. Pulling a baby tooth now could mean paying out for expensive braces in the future.

You’ll Cause Pain

Finally, keep in mind that pulling a baby tooth can be very painful. People often underestimate the pain involved since baby teeth can seem just about ready to drop out of their own accord. In fact, even breaking off a small amount of root structure can be extremely painful, and that’s clearly not something you want to put your child through.

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