Why Gynaecology is Not a Dirty Word: The Importance of Women’s Health

Talking so openly about gynaecology can be rather cringe-worthy. Let’s be honest, our health should be of paramount importance and talking about any issues that we have ‘down there’ should not be done in hushed tones. Gynaecology is important and women should be aware of any issues that they have, especially as we get older. Do not be embarrassed to talk about any issues that you may have, is important to have open and honest dialogue about your health. The issue of gynaecology is no different.

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It is of great importance to ensure that you remain fit and healthy in your nether regions. Every woman should see a gynecologist in order to promote good health. So many women neglect this part of their body as they see it as an embarrassing subject. This is a silly way to approach your own health issues. Be empowered and talk about it.

As we ascend from the troubling stages of puberty, right through to the heady heights of womanhood, women should be checked and evaluated by a gynaecological expert. This includes discussing contraception and bodily functions and in mature ladies, this gives the perfect opportunity to discuss the menopause and hormone replacement treatments. No one said that being a woman would be easy!

Visiting an OBGYN allows you the opportunity to discuss any troubling issues that you may have. Similarly, if you have worrying symptoms, these can be discussed and examined. During your visit to the OBGYN, you will have your pelvis and breasts examined to ensure that you are in optimal health. It is during these examinations that cancer can be detected. While the very word is enough to send the average woman into a state of panic, it is critical that you attend any health examinations with your OBGYN to ensure that you do not have the signs of any life threatening illnesses. Of course, visiting your OBGYN for the first time can be a little embarrassing, but a small amount of embarrassment is considerably better than the alternative of not going. If you are looking for a reputable OBGYN, take a look at the best OBGYN at Northwestern for expert advice.

Before embarking on your trip to the OBGYN it is critical to know what examinations are performed:

  • Smear tests

  • Breast examinations

  • Mammograms

  • Issues during pregnancy

The most common types of illnesses that are detected during these examinations typically include:

  • Cancer

  • Pre-cancerous diseases

  • Incontinence of urine

  • Amenorrhea

  • Scabies

  • Hysterectomy

  • Tubal ligation

It is critical that women are aware of the issues that can implicate their health. Similarly, women should be encouraging each other to visit an OBGYN. The sisterhood should stick together to promote women’s health and encourage each other to talk about any issues that they may be facing. Women are seemingly able to talk about a wide range of ‘taboo’ issues, yet we seem to not be able to talk about issues of the gynecological. Don’t make this issue a taboo. Discuss your issues or concerns openly with your friends. More importantly, book  an appointment with your gynecologist.

Detecting problems early could potentially save your life; that is why is imperative that you visit your OBGYN on a regular basis.

Provided by Women’s Medical Research, Inc, a provider of pelvic organ prolapse support garments

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