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Why Every Child Should Own A Pet – The Incredible Truth


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Most people look back with fondness upon the pet they had as a child. The dog or cat was an accepted member of the family; after all, they had been around for as long as the child could remember. The pet was a loyal friend who was always glad to see them and, as recent events have shown in the news, the pet was probably very protective of them.

Owning a cat or dog is a very rewarding experience that every child should have. If you are undecided about whether a pet will be good for your child, I hope that the points here will convince you to say yes and introduce a new member of the family to your home sooner rather than later.

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Where grownups see pets as animals to be stroked, fed and mostly ignored in the evenings, a child sees nothing but potential fun. They will play with the little bundles of fur for hours on end; never feeling alone again. The pet quickly becomes like a brother or sister to them.


A dog or cat doesn’t care what you look like or who you are. When a child shows them kindness, the pet accepts them unconditionally. That gives the child a sense of value and security that is slightly different to that they receive from their parents.


Just as with adults, the act of stroking a cat or dog brings a calming effect to a child.

Learning To Care

It is good for a child to discover for themselves that there are other people and animals outside of their own existence that must be respected. They realise that they must care for it by treating it fairly and with kindness. If a child develops a good sense of empathy, it will make them a better person later in life.

Immune System

Doctors say that owning a pet at a young age is good for a child’s immune system. Statistics show that fewer adults develop allergies if they owned a pet when they were young. That is because the pet introduces many microbes to the child that their immune system processes and uses to protect them for the rest of their lives.


We here on the news constantly that we are an obese nation. It is not such a big problem for very young children who are very active anyway, but a puppy will encourage them to engage in active play for hours on end. When the children are older, walking the dog once or twice a day gets them away from the computer games machines for an hour or two, which can only be good.


Though it painful, the child will learn about death since the lifespan of an animal is shorter than theirs. That is an essential lesson in life, and it is best that they come to feel the emotion of loss from a pet rather than a person. That experience is an important one that will help when they are adults.

There are many other reasons for a child to own a pet, most of them positive. As soon as you feel that you are able to provide a good home for one, don’t delay. A pet will enrich the lives of everyone for whom it cares.


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