Why Book a Serviced Apartment to Visit Your Child at University?

University students are busy folk, so it’s becoming more and more common for parents to visit them instead of having the kids come home. If you’re thinking of visiting your child at university for a few days, here are just a few reasons why you should book a serviced apartment over a hotel.

City Centre Location

One of the best things about university halls of residences is that they are usually set in or towards the centre of town. As such, it makes sense for visiting parents to pick accommodation that’s also close to the centre. Serviced apartments usually make the grade since they are often converted from period buildings. Booking one should mean being close to where your kid is living; you’ll also be close to local attractions when you want something to do.

Room for the Whole Family

It’s nice to be able to get together as a family when you’re visiting a child at university, especially if you’re coming from overseas or simply haven’t seen them for a few months. Hotel rooms aren’t as attractive in this regard. They tend to be a little cramped, without anywhere to relax and spend time as a family. Serviced apartments come with their own living areas, so you can have a family night in when you choose.

Fully Fitted Kitchen

Let’s face it, your uni student will probably be relying on you for some home-cooked meals, and it’s not like you’ll want to eat out every day you’re there. Serviced apartments will include a fully fitted kitchen, so you’ll be able to whip up your own meals and serve your kid their old favourites.

Space for You

Finally, keep in mind that you’re not going to be seeing your kid all the time. They’ll have lectures and seminars to attend, not to mention friends to meet and revision to complete. With that in mind, book somewhere you won’t mind spending a couple of mornings or evenings by yourself, and most people prefer being able to relax in their own apartment rather than in a hotel room.

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