Where to Keep Your Nevada Car Title and Other Documents

If you’re a parent of a teen driver in Vegas, you’re probably wondering: Where should your kid keep the car title? Do you put it in the glove compartment with the rest of your paperwork? Do you stash it back at home? Where should you keep it?

What is a Car Title?

It is a legal document that certifies you as the owner of the car. While replacing the document certainly is possible in case it gets lost, it is a lot of work. So you can see, if a Nevada title loan company doesn’t have your title, you have to store it in a place where it won’t get lost, damaged, or stolen.

Should I Keep My Title in My Car?

Let’s say you stored it in the glove compartment. If your car gets stolen, the person in possession of your car can now take ownership of your car by adding your name and theirs in the title-transfer section, which is on the back of the document. In effect, it would appear that you had transferred ownership of the vehicle to the thief.

The title is only needed when you plan on either trading the car (let’s say, to your close family, for example, to your son) or selling it.

Where Should You Keep Your Car Title?

It would be safe to have the title stored in a secure safe deposit box at home. If possible, keep it along with the rest of your essential documents, such as your passports and birth certificates, out of reach from children.

Why Is It Important That You Keep It Safely Locked Away?

Your car title is a vital document regarding the ownership of the car dealer to yourself. 

Going a step further, it isn’t a bad idea to have it stored in a fireproof compartment. Also, it is recommended that you keep a copy of the car title someplace safe, either in your house or entrust it to a friend or family member.

What About Your Driver’s License?

It’s best to carry your driver’s license with you at all times, most preferably tucked away in your wallet. Not only does it serve as proof that you’re legally permitted to drive, but it can also be used to verify your age, which can be handy.

Vehicle Registration

Unlike your car title, your license and registration are usually the two essential documents that an officer will demand you to produce if you get pulled over for an offense. You will also need your registration in case you get into an accident.

So all things considered, it would be safer if you kept a copy of the registration of your car in your wallet along with your driver’s license. 

However, when you do this, make sure the document you’re carrying is a copy and not the original vehicle registration.

Car Insurance Card

You should have multiple copies of your insurance card with you. Just like your license and registration, you will need your insurance card with you if you get pulled over or involved in a car accident. 

It is recommended that you keep a copy of the insurance card with you in your wallet and another copy in the glove compartment.

Maintenance Record

Unlike the rest of the documents we have just discussed, you wouldn’t need your maintenance record unless you’re selling the car, and the buyer requests explicitly to see them.

So please keep it at home along with the car title and other documents.

Owner’s Manual

It is imperative that you carry the manual along with you in the car when you’re taking it for a drive. You’ll never know when you will encounter a flat tire, or your dashboard starts displaying an unknown symbol.

It is an essential guide of instructions to help you out in case your car breaks down, or the engine won’t start. There are several random, spontaneous issues you could come across when driving the vehicle, and you can’t always count on a mechanic or someone else being around the corner to help you all the time.

So What Shouldn’t You Keep in Your Glove Box?

● According to experts, it would be wise not to leave any document that contains information of a personal nature in your glove box. By personal document, we mean any document that contains relevant information that can be used to identify you, such as your name, your address, your date of birth, etc. Your car title is also included in this category. 

This is because it would make it so much easier for potential car thieves to use your ID to forge your identity into fabricated credit cards or false loan applications and much more. The risk associated with keeping a personal document stashed in your glove compartment is just way too high.

● When we say personal document, this also includes any form of bill or receipt that may contain residential information. So it is fairly apparent at this point that you definitely should notleave any bank statements or tax invoices in your glove box.

● Needless to say, you must never leave your checkbook or your walletin the glove compartment, and you already know why.

Now that we have discussed what you can’t leave in your glove compartment, let us walk you through a few things that you can. 

● As previously discussed, the owner’s manual can be handy for sudden breakdowns and engine malfunctions.

● Keep a copy of your car’s insurance card in case an accident occurs or the car is totaled, it could come in handy to prove that you have insurance coverage.

● If you have any particular allergies or any medical condition, it would be wise to have a record of the information stored in the glove box. If you’re involved in an accident and are unable to communicate this information to others at the time, it can be beneficial in saving your life by helping the doctor determine the parameters of the medical care that you should receive.

● A medical kit such as a first-aid box with bandages, painkillers, and other temporary relief supplies is a great idea. If you’re prone to asthma attacks or peanut allergies, it would be prudent to have medical devices such an inhaler and an Epipen stored in the glove box, just in case.

In short, it would be wise to carry documents such as your driver’s license and a copy of your vehicle’s registration with you in your wallet. 

Car titles, maintenance records, and other personally identifying documents do not belong in the glove compartment. You should have them kept safe and sound in a locker back at home.

A copy of your insurance card, medical supplies, tools, etc. is best kept in the glove box.

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