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Where to Find Help with Home Schooling

Home schooling is done for many reasons, whether it be due to a disability, a disagreement with the way the education system is run, or for any other matter. It is completely legal to do so and you don’t need to be a qualified teacher to do it.

Home schooling your child means that you can make your own rules about when, how and what to teach your child. This means you can choose the hours and materials you use. This can be a rather big step, so it is recommended you plan extensively before making the leap.

What support is available to parents who wish to home school?

  1. The Local Council

Your local council offers support and information for people who wish to educate your child at home. You must inform them of your decision if your child has never been at school as well.

  1. Other home schooling families

Get in contact with other home schooling families and parents and share your resources and tips with each other. They also act as a great support system and help you with things you may struggle with.

  1. Online communities

Online communities such as Teachit, offer you the opportunity to share resources with other teachers so you can give your child the best education possible.

You may also choose to use forum spaces such as Reddit, Facebook pages or other social media communities. There are many home school blogs you may choose to follow. You could also start up your own blog to help others and connect with bloggers worldwide.

To some home schooling is the only option available, but to many it’s the best choice. There are plenty of online hubs, websites and resources to help you give your child the education they need.

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