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What To Do When Your Children Want A Puppy


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At some point in your child’s life, he or she is going to ask you for a puppy. The fascination children have with dogs and pets is bizarre, but you can be sure that the time will come when they decide they want a dog. The first thing you, as a parent, have to do is not make any promises. Saying yes immediately leaves your child open to disappointment should you change your mind. Instead, tell your child that you will think about getting a puppy. By telling your child this, you give yourself the time to mull over the idea. A dog is a huge commitment on your part, so making the decision to get one should take you a little time.

If you have thought about getting a pet before you will know that it takes a long time to decide whether you want one. By ensuring that your children don’t expect you to get them a puppy you can have some space to think about the decision at hand.

Decide What You Want

You should never let your children pressure you into something you don’t want. Many parents make the mistake of always saying yes to their children. Children who have never heard the word no will end up spoilt and bratty, that is the last thing you want.

Before you agree to getting a puppy, ask yourself whether you want one. If you are just getting a pet because your children want it then you will have zero enthusiasm when it comes to looking after it. If you are going to get a puppy make sure, it’s what you want. Talk it over with your partner and decide whether it is a good idea. Remember your children don’t need a puppy, so if you decide not to get one they will be fine.

Weigh Up The Costs Of A Puppy

Animals are not cheap. If your finances are already tight then it may not be viable to get a puppy. With your partner spend some time weighing up the cost of getting a puppy. Take everything into account from food to vet bills. You need to make sure that having an extra mouth to feed around the house isn’t going to mean everyone else suffers.

There are ways in which you can cut the cost of having a puppy. So you should consider these too before deciding not to get one. Saving money on pet prescriptions at sites like is one way to save money. Shopping around for pet food and finding good deals is another way. Buying your pet food in bulk will also save you lots of money. Ensure that you can afford a pet before you go out and buy one.

Choose A Puppy That Suits Your Family

If you decide that getting a puppy is right for your family, then you need to decide what breed you want. Different breeds offer different attributes. If you are an active family, who goes on adventure holidays, then consider an energetic and excitable dog. If you are a more relaxed family, who would prefer just to go for a walk in the park then go for an altogether slower and calmer animal. Look into what attributes are common in which breeds, as this will help you decide on what dog to get.

If you have told your children that you will consider getting a puppy then why not surprise them with one? Pick up your new pet whilst they are at school and give them a huge surprise when then come back.


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