What Meal Should I Have – Quiz

They tend to be a serious annoyance, don’t they, those days when you search through every last fridge/freezer shelf and you go through all your kitchen cupboards, looking for a filling meal to satisfy your growing hunger and it just doesn’t seem like things will be going your way?


Not to worry — it happens to the best of us. Fortunately though you never have to be alone in the struggle of fighting off the hunger bug. Wyboston Lakes, home to Waterfront Restaurant & Grill, has put together a fun quiz to help you beat the hunger blues.

1. We’ll focus on the important stuff first — food. Pick something you could tuck into right now:

A. Yorkshire puddings

B. Mozzarella cheese

C. Risotto rice

D. Chickpeas


2. Still thinking about food, what’s your favourite pizza topping?

A.  Bacon

B. It’s pizza – any topping suits me!

C. Chorizo

D. Spicy chillies


3. And how about your favourite pie?

A. Corned beef

B. I’m all about the dessert pie – a torta caprese for me please!

C. Empanada

D. Sambusac


4. A ‘next meal’ quiz would be far too straightforward if we just concentrated on food. So, which landmark stands out to you the most?

A. Stonehenge

B. Leaning Tower of Pisa

C. Sagrada Família

D. Taj Mahal


5. Pick a sport

A. Cycling

B. Fencing

C. Football

D. Cricket


6. Which artist or band’s music would you pick to play first?

A. David Bowie

B. Luciano Pavarotti

C. Enrique Iglesias

D. Ravi Shankar


7. Likewise, which actor’s movies and TV shows would you choose to watch first?

A. Idris Elba

B. Giancarlo Giannini

C. Penélope Cruz

D. Mindy Kaling

So what will it be then?

If you mostly answered A, you should go with an English dish. Look closer to home instead of casting your eyes far and wide. There are some great dishes you can have, like a traditional roast dinner with the works (all the trimmings) or good old fish-and-chips. All the better for you if you reside close to the sea as there are so many fresh seafood-based meals waiting for you.

If you mostly answered B, you should go Italian. Italians express their rich culture in so many different ways, including through their architecture, their music and the deep-running love for art they harbour. Their food falls nothing short of depicting this rich culture of theirs and is top-quality as well, so you could perhaps go with a spaghetti dish or a pizza.

If you mostly answered C, it should be Spain for you tonight! Food plays a major part of the Iberian nation’s rich history, offering a diversity of unique and delicious cuisines that are indeed famous to that part of the world. A cured-meat dish, Spanish ratatouille or even paella make up just some of the options you can choose from.

If you mostly answered D, you best be going Indian with your dining choices tonight. Curry is the natural inclination one would have by way of an Indian dish, but you have some variety with regards to the spiciness. Balti makes for a nice and mild spice while those who don’t mind some serious zing can go with a vindaloo. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, a side dish of spiced roast salmon will do just fine, but you should definitely remember the naan and chutney.

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