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What Constitutes A Healthy Lifestyle For Kids?

It is very important to inculcate a healthy lifestyle in your kids as early as you can, but it is never too late to introduce them to positive lifestyle changes.

Obesity and diabetes can be prevented by encouraging your children to involve themselves in a great deal of physical activity and eating nutritious food. Physical activity also helps them to have the right foundation for bone as well as muscle development. Healthy children will be more alert and energetic. However, a healthy lifestyle for children starts at home. Parents are almost always the role models for their children and the family activities create a great impact on children’s lives.


Physical Activity

Children are required to have at least one hour of physical activity or exercise every day. Some of the aerobic activities like walking, running and games such as jumping rope and tag contribute a great deal to the health of the children. Involving in sports is also good for ensuring aerobic activity and building stronger bones and muscles. Chores such as lawn mowing or car washing can also be considered as physical activity. In fact, the activities that you can do as a family like swimming, skating and hiking can create a lot of interest in children and have a positive influence on them when they grow up.


A wide variety of foods are to be included in order to form a healthy diet for children. They should be taught to avoid junk food as well as sugary snacks from a young age so as to help them enjoy positive consequences lifelong. Several servings of vegetables and fruits are required for children on a daily basis. Their diet should contain calcium and iron for development of healthy teeth and stronger bones. High fiber, low-fat meals supports heart health. Healthy range of snacks that children can eat includes fresh fruits and nuts. Make sure that they never skip breakfast and as far as possible eating meals should be a family affair.

Family activities

Children should only spend a limited amount of time sitting in front of the computer or the television screen. This is because such sedentary activities can cause health problems for them as they will tend to avoid a healthy and active lifestyle. Ensure that your children help you during meal times as it helps them to learn more about nutritious foods. Spending time together and involving as a family in activities such as visiting a zoo, roller skating or swimming and playing miniature golf helps the children to lead an active lifestyle. Regular family walks can also provide great health benefits.


A simple formula developed by Nemours Health and Prevention Services makes it easy to remember the elements that constitute a healthy lifestyle as far as children are considered. A program by name ‘5-2-1-Almost None’ reminds parents that five vegetable and fruits servings per day, television viewing and computer time of less than two hours in a day, exercising for one hour in a day and having almost no sugared drinks is a great way to lead a healthy lifestyle. You must take care to involve your children in making lifestyle choices that are healthy.

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