Vacation Travel with Kids – Some Tips For Parents

Holiday travel with children, especially travelling by airplane, can cause a lot of stress to the parents. However, you will feel relaxed as you start unwinding at the hotel after reaching the destination. When you travel with your children, it is very important to pack things keeping their needs in mind.

It is, therefore, a good idea to involve them in the process as it will not only help reduce chaos, but also the stress that you will typically face when getting ready for the vacation. Here are some suggestions that parents can consider in order to make their next holiday travel a pleasurable experience.

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Pack the right kind of toys

Keeping the weight restrictions imposed by airlines in mind, you should pack the right toys that will keep the children entertained. It is a good idea to ration the toys throughout the vacation time. Give one toy and when their interest in that begins to wane give the next one. It is easier to cater to older children’s needs. An MP3 player or a smartphone can keep them engaged for some time.

Take travel insurance

Taking travel insurance is something that you should not forget. It will protect you against such eventualities as loss of baggage, cancellations, injury or accident, loss of money, theft, etc. Often, a family policy can be cheaper than individual policies. Many insurance companies provide “kids go free” insurance policies. You can check on websites that offer price comparisons such as in order to compare the quotes of many insurers in one go. It may even be helpful in saving some money.

Involve your kids when you pack for the holiday travel

If you involve your children, they will help you to decide what you should pack for them. It will also be helpful in having the right mixture of what they want and what you think that they will need during the holiday. On the other hand, it makes your children feel that they were also involved in the decision making process and help to reduce tantrums that younger children throw up.

Take only the things that are essential. It is a good idea to be prepared for all eventualities, but then you may carry too much luggage and it may prove expensive to you. As far as nappies are concerned, have a few numbers with you for the first few days. You will be able to buy nappies wherever you go.

It is always better to buy a new dress if the one that you are carrying gets damaged. This is because it helps you to travel light, especially when you have kids with you. In fact, it boils down to sacrificing some luggage space of yours in order to provide for your children and keeping them happy. Actually, it is worth the effort.

Give your children their own hand baggage

You can allow your children to carry their own backpacks so that they can take their favorite toys, books, etc., with them. It will also give you an opportunity to teach them how to pack essential things. They will learn fast and pack more efficiently the next time if they have to walk around in the airport with a heavy backpack. If children have separate seats, it pays to make use of the baggage allowed for them as well.

Make a list of everything that has been packed

Clothes, jewellery and electrical items such as laptops, phones and cameras can all be replaced under your home insurance policy if they are damaged or stolen – you just need to ensure you have proof of the value of the item, and record them with your home insurance provider before you travel. You may need to provide serial numbers as part of your claim, but it can be worth doing to save you forking out for new items when you return. Look for contents insurance quotes online to see what cover you need and which items can be protected.

Pack some snacks

It is a good idea to pack some variety snacks as children can get hungry fast. It will also be helpful avoiding temper tantrums that they may throw up because of hunger. Nuts, granola bars, etc., which release energy slowly are good options

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