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Using Media And Entertainment To Raise A Healthier Child

Read this before you start arguing about the fact that television is ruining children. It’s a matter of what you are allowing your children to watch on TV. Yes, if you are using the TV as a babysitter, or letting it do all the talking to your kids, then it is a bad thing.


There are good things about the TV, and entertainment in general. You can use this stuff to teach your child some amazing things, and to boost their own creativity. Here are some of the ways you that you can use entertainment to raise a smarter and health child.

Pick The Right Books And Movies

Part of using media and entertainment in raising a healthy child is making the right choices in books and movies. You want to always be age appropriate, while some books will always be loved at every age. Pick books that teach them the values and morals you want them to have.

This goes for movies as well. While you’ll definitely be letting your child watch mindless stuff sometimes, and plenty of fiction, you want to make sure they understand the difference between reality and what they are watching on their favorite shows and cartoons.

Watch Documentaries Together

If you really want your children to learn ideals and values, and the truth in the world, watch documentaries with them. There are plenty of them out there on healthy eating and more. Pick ones that are age appropriate, again, and watch them together. By watching them with your child you can more easily answer any questions they may have.

Make sure you have your computer handy, just in case you aren’t sure of an answer. Luckily the internet has made it far easier to learn. You can also use the internet as a learning tool for your children.

Lead By Example

The best way to teach your children the importance of media and entertainment is to make sure that they are always seeing you using these things for good. If you spend a lot of time learning on the computer, instead of playing games, you’ll be teaching your child that the computer is more of an educational tool.

By watching those documentaries with them, reading reference and nonfiction books to, and with them, and taking the time to help them learn with the use of entertainment, you will be teaching them the good side of these things. It’s also helpful to help them understand why there are bad side as well.

Television may be a learning device for some, but it can also be used to brainwash, babysit, or frighten, and you want your child to know that by using it the right way and picking the right things to watch they can avoid the negative aspects.

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