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Unusual Girls’ Names and their Meanings

Some of the best casino sites have a chat feature on which one can connect with some really great people. One such person had a very unique name, which sparked my desire to research a bit more about unusual girls’ names and their meanings.

These are some of the strangest girls’ names in the world. What’s in a name? Most people know that names come from the Greek, the Latin or the Hebrew, but we’ll just pretend we don’t know. In any case, the names and their meanings go way beyond what you can imagine.

Camille (Latin)

One might wonder where the name Camilla comes from. It’s a French version of the Latin name Camilla. In fact, the name was used for many princesses from England. In 1835, Charles Edward was adopted as the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and was given the English name, Charles, for his wife, Lady Diana Spencer. He was given the name Charles Edward and married Diana Spencer in 1981. In 2005, Charles and Diana divorced and Diana, now known as Lady Diana Spencer, became Lady Diana Spencer.

Kayla (English)

It’s common for people to receive names with vowels in odd places. Even though Kayla sounds funny, the name means “shining from above”. This name became popular when a girl named Kayla Day (pronounced Dayla) was born in 1982. This name became famous when it was also used by Julie Day, a blind actress and singer.

Natalia (Russian)

Natalia is not a Russian name, but a Russian nickname for Natalia, which is a Latin version of the Greek name, Nastia, which means nymph. The name gained popularity when Natalia Nikolaevna Dubova (the name is shortened from her full name, Natalia Nikolaeva Dubova) was born in 1996.

Caroline (English)

Caroline sounds nice and sophisticated, but how is it spelled? You can spell it as Caroline, Caroline or Caro (actually, all these mean “beautiful”, but that doesn’t matter). The name is a variation of the female name, Caroline. This name was popular when a girl named Caroline Carano was born in 1940. That girl later became known as Anne Caroline Cruise (which is a surname).

Esmerelda (Spanish)

This name has a beautiful meaning: It means something that happens when you’re the laughingstock. The name Esmerelda has a Spanish origin and was used by a girl named Esmerelda Marluce. In 1949, Esmerelda Marluce was born and later became known as Genevieve Harrison.

Nicole (English)

It’s a common surname and means “noble-born”. Many times, the name Nicole was given to girls who were born in the same month as a certain saint’s name, but many people don’t know the origin of this name. This name was originally given to girls named Nora. They were sometimes given the name, Nicole, after Saint Nicole of Sicily, who was a virgin saint. She was born in the year 444 and died in 586.

Andrea (Italian)

A few years ago, a girl named Andrea McCorry was born, and this name became popular because the parents thought Andrea was a nice name. Andrea is a version of the Italian name Andrea and means “strength”.

Ingeborg (German)

It’s an unusual name, but it means “lady in charge”. Another thing to know about this name is that it was originally given to girls who were born on Saint Andreas, a summer day and at the time, girls were named after saints in order to protect their future husbands. You might wonder how it’s spelled. Ingeborg is one way to spell it. The name was popular in Germany and the United States in the 1800s, when the parents of a girl named Ingeborg von Hilmersheim (the surname was added to her name) wanted to honor her, but they were afraid of the consequences that would come if her husband found out. So, they gave her the name, Ingeborg. However, her husband loved the name and they all live happily ever after.

Shelley (English)

This is a name that goes back to the Middle Ages, although we don’t know what the name actually means. One thing that is easy to understand is that the name is a variation of Shirley. The name Shirley is one of those names that was popular in England, but this name was used for a girl named Shirley who was born in 1890. There’s also the Shirley Kenty, which means the most beautiful girl of the island.

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