The Ultimate Newborn Photography Guide

Having a baby is a joyous occasion for the whole family. Why not commemorate this special time by having a photo shoot with the little one?


Sometimes babies can become distressed at their photo shoot because of the unfamiliar surroundings and the flashing lights. This guide has some helpful tips on how to make the baby as calm as possible.

There are dozens of different ways to make sure the photoshoot is extremely memorable. Try to think of several ideas and discuss them with the photographer. Visit for a baby photographer who is happy to meet parents’ demands.

Read on for the ultimate newborn photography guide.

Make Sure To Bring Toys And Milk

If the baby starts to become distressed, make sure to distract them with some toys. If the baby does not calm down, the photo shoot might have to be canceled. Bring some bottled milk as well so that the baby does have to go hungry for hours.

Photos for Memories

When capturing photos, it’s a good idea to communicate with the photographers about your intentions for using the images. This is particularly important if you intend to print the photos onto canvas or other materials for framing. For such situations, the use of high-resolution features is crucial to ensure that the images don’t appear stretched or pixelated when printed. Likewise, if you’re aiming to create a photo album, you can request the photographer to capture various angles of your newborn to create a comprehensive collection.

Choose Shots In Black And White Plus Colour

When taking pictures of babies, you can choose between black and white or color photos. Black and white photos look classic and nostalgic, showing the baby’s innocence and details in a special way. These photos can capture the baby’s expressions and features really well. On the other hand, color photos show the baby’s world in a lively and colorful manner.

You can either choose to go with one of these or can mix both black and white and color photos to tell a wonderful story about the little one’s adventures and experiences. Whatever you choose to go with, try to make the best use of the photographer you have hired for newborn photography in Raleigh, NC (or wherever you are based).

Dress The Baby Up In Mini Animal Costumes

Dressing up the baby in mini animal costumes will make them look incredibly cute, and will be extremely memorable. Choose a couple of different outfits which can be worn on the day. Some people might find this idea a bit tacky, but it creates a fun contrast to more traditional baby photographs. Hopefully, your photographer will also agree to this. That said, if you have not finalized a shutterbug yet, consider checking out Lindsay Konopa Photography — you can visit their site

Have Some Nature Shots

Photographs taken outside on a sunny day with the baby and the parents will create some memorable shots. Choose a day in the summer, so that there is no chance that the baby will get too cold. Photographs can be taken against a variety of different backdrops including streams and open fields.

Have Clothes Specially Made

Normal baby clothes might not look striking enough for the photoshoot. It can be a good idea to have clothes made for the occasion. The clothes don’t necessarily have to be very expensive – great-looking clothes can be bought for extremely low prices. You might even improvise themes and ideas that would include your child, your spouse, and you. There might be ideas you could find on the web which you could discuss with a Newborn Photographer before finalizing. Using quirky ideas and themes could make the pictures interesting and memorable.

Use An Interesting Backdrop

Use a coloured backdrop to make the photographs more interesting. The backdrop could be made of a luxurious material like silk.

Include Other Relatives

A photo shoot with the entire family will make the whole day even more special. Why not bring the grandparents and the siblings along so that they can have their photograph taken with the baby? The whole family will remember the special day forever.

Use this guide for some inspiring baby photoshoot ideas.

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