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Ultimate Moving House Checklist

With one phone call, the move-in date is confirmed. Your mind alternates between a state of pure excitement and stifling fear as you process the reality of the situation. Soon you will be living in your lovely new home. Soon you will be facing the huge task of relocating all your belongings. Before you suffer a panic attack, stop and breathe. Preparation and planning will allow you to minimise the stress and hassle long associated with moving home; you just need to be motivated. A great way to stay focused is to use a checklist. Outlining the essential tasks and steps that must be taken, this simple tool can significantly affect your moving process. Read on to get started.

1. Take Stock

It’s time to spring into purposeful action. Start by wandering through your home and sorting through your belongings. Keeping a written inventory, categorise them into four groups: Throw, Sell, Move, or Store. Doing this will allow you to more accurately estimate how many boxes need to be moved by a Removalist and the level of work required.


2.Throw, Sell or Store

Now you can act on your categorised belongings. Spend a day unleashing your inner cleaning monster as you ruthlessly dispose of any unwanted items, filling your garbage bins to the brim and adding value to the local tip. To sell unused or reusable items, host a garage sale and make some handy cash on the side. For all those belongings that you just can’t part with but don’t have room for, consider investing in a storage facility; providers such as Fort Knox and Big Yellow Self Storage are just some of the options on offer.

3. Research Removalist Companies

Unless you have a veritable horde of friends and family with vans, trailers and muscles, chances are that you will have to use the services of a professional removalist company. By giving yourself plenty of time to research and compare the options available in your area, you will save money on reduced service fees and have peace of mind in the knowledge that you are using a reputable business.

Change Address Details

When moving further afield key details are important to take good care of, especially when moving overseas to somewhere like Vegas in the USA, where the changing address details can become more complicated. So, transform yourself into an administration whiz as you contact and update all the relevant organisations in your life. This may include your bank, accountant, employer, doctor, vet, school, the HRMC and any magazine subscriptions. To minimise the chance of having lost mail, redirect your mail with the local post office too.

Confirm Utilities

Can you imagine moving into your new home only to discover that the electricity hasn’t been connected? Avoid sitting in the dark eating tinned cans of beans; get in touch with your utility companies to ensure that they are aware of disconnection and reconnection dates. Electricity, gas, water, Internet and pay TV all need to be considered if they apply to you.

Pack Remaining Items

Break out the boxes, tape, bubble wrap and marker pens; packing is now going to consume your every thought. If you are going to be using shrink wrap packaging for some of the heavier items or ones that need extra protection, then make sure to have a shrink wrap heat gun, that you can get from providers like Pro-Tect Plastics, on hand to seal and secure your package. Try to have a labelled box for each room, keeping similar items together and ensuring that the unpacking process is smooth as possible. Items that are valuable, such as jewellery and official personal documents, should be kept separately in a box or bag that you will transport yourself.


Looking around your empty shell of a home, it may become apparent just how much cleaning is required. If you can afford it, use a professional cleaner to do the job; otherwise, it’s up to you to call in favours, beg, or bribe friends and family with cupcakes in order to redefine your home’s level of cleanliness.

Have you recently moved home? What would you have done differently? Share your experiences and tips in the section below.

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