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TSB Is Back in Business

More than two hundred years ago, there was a man who went by the name Henry Duncan. Henry Duncan was a Reverend in Dumfriesshire, and he wanted badly to help out some of the more impoverished people in his parish. In 1810, he decided to do something about this, and he created a bank, with the view of helping out the hard-working people in the area. He thought that this would help the local community as a whole, and so the concept of the trustee savings bank was born.

Over the years, the thing which he had started grew and flourished, with over trustee savings banks popping up all over the United Kingdom until, in 1985, they were amalgamated into TSB Bank plc – the TSB standing for trustee savings bank. These banks helped communities to thrive, and TSB joined with Lloyds Bank to form Lloyds TSB in 1995.

Now, however, TSB is back, and they are hoping to convince the British public that the dark days of the financial crisis are behind us. To announce to the nation that they are back and are here to help support people and communities alike, the re-born TSB have released a new promotional video featuring the vocal talents of Sir Patrick Stewart.

With a strapline of “Welcome back to local banking”, you can tell that TSB are hoping to change things around a bit; just watch the lovely animated short to see what we’re talking about. Reverend Henry Duncan’s dream is alive and kicking.

The video is somewhat nostalgic, reminiscent of adverts from times gone by, before the selling culture was so strongly dominant, and it evokes a friendly response. Here is a bank you can trust, one you can confide in, one you can feel safe in doing business with. Here is a bank that is going to do everything it can to foster community support. It’s a nice feeling.

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