Treat the Family to a Media Room this Christmas

These days, teenagers and the ‘big’ kids in the family are after technology. Their Christmas lists are probably full of the latest games consoles and gadgets, and these types of gifts don’t come cheap. If you’re hoping to keep each family member happy without spending a fortune on each individual member you do have another option, creating a family media room.


A media room is perfect for those who want to keep the family happy but also remain together as a family. If you want to ensure evenings are spent together, the media room is the perfect solution. You’re able to place all the latest technology available within your budget in one space in the family home. Dads can watch the sports channel on the PC or laptop, kids can play the latest video games on the TV screen and mums can listen to the radio while browsing online. Everyone can swap over so no one needs to miss out. You could even share some of the video games of your childhood with your kids with the help of a download from for your computer. Then again, there may also be games you want to play that aren’t suitable for children, so be careful with keeping them out of sight and out of bounds. Wildlife, for example, is an adult RPG game that is very popular (click here for the wild life game download) but definitely not suitable for younger audiences.

The Main Expense

Obviously the main expense is buying the individual pieces of technology for the room. You probably already have a few of the items such as a family PC, a couple of laptops or a tablet and a stereo. You can save money by reusing these devices in the room but any good media room does need a decent-sized TV screen so this might be the most expensive purchase to make. However, being Christmas there are plenty of great deals around. Smart TVs are big news right now, you can download apps on the television and they still work with satellite or cable television which makes them perfect for media rooms. It will be worth to note that you will need an internet connection for the smart TV to work as intended with full use of all the applications available. If the media room is going to be under heavy use consistently, then it might be a good idea to look at fast internet connections from somewhere such as satellite internet now or elsewhere to allow for all your family to have a reliable and fast internet connection.
If you have several teenagers they are probably all hoping for a brand new next generation video console each. The cost of these consoles make it extremely expensive to buy one for each child so stick to buying one for the whole family to use. Just ensure you buy enough controllers so each member of the family can join in.

Decorating the Media Room

The media room is a contemporary space, so don’t add floral wallpaper to the walls. Think sleek, modern and recreate the vibe and atmosphere experienced in a cinema or Internet café. Some great colours to consider are dark navy blues and warm greys. You can add splashes of colour in the furnishings, a bright rug or throws will bring the room to life and make it feel warm and inviting. Add thick curtains to the windows and preferably use blackout blinds on the window. You’ll be able to completely shut out the light when watching movies, which is ideal for the use of this family room.

As for chairs try and fit in reclining sofas and armchairs for maximum comfort. Corner sofas also work perfectly. Just make sure the chairs you use are ultra-comfortable, perfect for snuggling into.


Finally the room will need a very good strength Wi-Fi to deal with the multiple devices connecting to the Internet. It’s also worth looking for broadband TV packages. That way you’ll be able to watch all the best shows together.

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