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Tranquil Garden Retreat in Less Than 3 Years

Modern day homes are getting a little more open on the inside, but not necessarily bigger. One thing that’s for sure though is that traditionally big houses with big yards are becoming very scarce these days and if you’re lucky enough to have a big yard at your disposal, make full use of it to create a tranquil garden retreat. It’ll be a lot of fun putting it together and you (and all the members of your family) will have a pleasantly calming escape right in your backyard to possibly get away from all the madness that sometimes comes with raising a family.


Marshy Pond

Rearing fish in a pond requires a lot of long-term commitment, so the next best thing is to have a pond built which doesn’t necessarily have to house fish. A small pond with water lilies or other pond plants will do just fine. It can be as shallow as knee-height for safety reasons if you’re still raising toddlers in your household. Aim for a natural marsh-effect by having the pond surrounded by clayey soil which will hold a bit of water and perhaps sprout some bamboos, but it should be accessible enough for easy maintenance in weeding and cleaning.


Two willow trees may be a bit of a stretch, but plant at least one of these beautiful and fast-growing trees. Weeping willows in particular just love water, so if it doesn’t dry out your marshy pond, then the moisture it needs to flourish will have it go very well with a steel park bench nestled on a nice green lawn somewhere next to the pond. If you need help with the upkeep of your lawn, check out trugreen and the professional services they provide to homeowners looking to maintain a pleasing garden aesthetic.

Fern-lined Stone or Concrete Walkway

If you’re having trouble growing any ferns to line the pathway, don’t let that be a deal-breaker for your overall tranquil garden ideas. Try different types of ferns if you can clearly make out a lack of growth and remember that ferns shouldn’t really form part of the marshy garden retreat itself. Flourishing ferns attract snails as a sign of a healthy garden and the slow pace of the snails will work well to get you in the right mood and frame of mind while you make your way to your backyard tranquil garden retreat to relax. However, it needs to be understood that too many snails in your yard could potentially harm your plants, and even kill them! Luckily, there are various organic ways to get rid of snails in your yard, and you might want to check it out in the case that you are pestered by too many snails in your beautiful garden retreat!

Keep the weeds out while growing all the suggested plants that would make up your tranquil garden retreat and at some point, along the journey, the amount of active maintenance required will slow right down to a near halt. You’ll have a working version of your tranquil garden retreat in less than three years and this includes the somewhat pivotal willow tree.

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