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Top Job Interview Tips

Currently, most world economies are really struggling and finding it difficult to create enough jobs to accommodate the ever increasing labour market. The stiff competition for jobs has made it necessary for employers to take qualification for consideration so high that if your act isn’t together you stand very little chances of getting absorbed.

You’ve decided to change jobs, you’ve done a UK job search online to find the right vacancy for you and got an interview – now all you need to do is pass it! Follow these tips by City Calling to help you ace your interview.

1. Research well in Advance 

It is very important to do thorough or exhaustive research about the company in prospect before going for the interview. This is such a basic requirement because you ordinarily can’t confidently handle questions about a company you know very little about. Make effort to learn much about its products, services, its customers and its competitive edge on the market as this will equip you with a proper understanding when addressing questions on the company’s needs. The more facts you know about the company, its agenda and policies, the greater chance you stand of selling yourself during the interview. It also helps to have some background information on the company’s culture to conceive and internalize your potential joy and happiness on the job.

2. Dress Sharply 

The ‘first impression’ is very important and greatly determines if people will take you serious or not. Therefore before leaving your house, carefully select your dress code. You can do this basing on the industry or prospective position. Buy nice and matching interview clothes or just take time to comb your wardrobe, select and press them well. Ensure none of the selected piece has loose threads or dirty marks. Even if the company thrives on a casual environment, you still don’t want to appear before an interview panel with clothes curving with wrinkles like a pajama. Though not a must, you can also wear a mild cologne to just condition the air around you. Good looks and smell have the potential to boost one’s confidence in ways they never anticipated .

3. Be Well Prepared 

Remember to carry a folder having additional copies of your CV, an extra copy of your references and a paper to scribble important notes. You also need to write down some questions in advance to ask when winding up the interview.
4. Be Punctual 

Punctuality is a sign that one’s mind is clear and was well focused on what they are about to do. It means that they had high expectations and hence disallowed all distractions to be there in good time. Make it a habit never to arrive late before an interview panel because whatever excuse you give, this late arrival would have taken away something from your scores. Leave your house early to beat factors like traffic jam or losing direction. Ideally one should be within the interview premises 10 to 15 min earlier.

5. Be Enthusiastic 

Standing before new, mean faces can be a dreadful prospect. However you ought to rehearse early on how you intend to beat such fears. A firm handshake and lots of eye contact shows that you are confident. Though your voice may feel a bit shaky, you need to muster artificial courage and speak in a distinct and confident voice.

6. Be a good Listener 

Good listening is the most neglected yet very crucial interview skills. Just ensure you listen and interpret unsaid content between the lines at the same time. In some cases what isn’t said is just as crucial as what is said.

7. Answer Questions Accordingly 

Due to tension, most candidates never really think about whether they are answering questions in a fitting, accurate and corresponding manner. Before sending back an answer, compose yourself, internalize, and comprehend the question. If unsure, feel free to ask for further clarification.

8. Arm yourself with Specific examples 

Specific examples or illustrations from your own background can outshine 60 vague tales. You can meditate, reflect and have these personal stories before the interview day. Their impact lie in the fact that one’s past behavior can point to their future performance.

9. Don’t Fear to Ask Questions 

Many people attending interviews hesitate to ask questions and forfeit a free source of valuable information. The questions one asks also suggest their level of interest in the job and company as a whole.

10. Make a follow up 

Don’t just leave the interview hall and hope for all to go well. Make some follow-ups using the most effective means at your disposal. This can be email or regular mail. An interview follow up is an extra chance to remind your panel of interviewers of the amazing traits you would bring to the company. In fact a follow up helps one share some of the thoughts they forgot during the live session. This is a chance you should leverage to showcase your extra attributes


A cool and confident look is a major key for success in any interview. Although it doesn’t happen naturally in anyone’s case, early preparation can put you in a better position to remain composed, cool and confident. No one can quite confidently predict what their interview holds but if you choose to follow these top job interview tips , you’ll remain less anxious, firm and positive about an interview experience

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