Top Gifts to Get for Bakers

Why couldn’t the lady afford to buy a bakery? – Because she couldn’t raise enough dough!

This terrible joke pretty much sums up people’s approach to the gift-giving ritual, particularly with regards to trying to tailor their gift for a specific special someone whom they identify with what they do for a living or just for fun. Like what on earth do you get for a baker? That’s one example of essentially over-thinking things because at the end of the day, gift-giving is about showing your appreciation for the special someone in question and it is indeed the thought that counts.


The terrible joke I opened with sums up how we’re missing the point since it’s not about being cosmically creative with your gifts each time you practice the gift-giving ritual. Even if you’re tailoring your gift to what the recipient is known for, as much as it’s the thought that counts, adhering to that ideal should take the form of really making the gift count. You have to put some thought into it and when you give the gift over to the recipient, they should immediately feel as if you really did put some effort into thinking about what to get them.

So it comes down to a matter of getting them what they need and not necessarily what they want. Sometimes a baker may not even know exactly what it is they need until you give it to them. If your special baker loves to give out some of the cookies they often bake for instance, getting them a set of disposable containers along with a few cellophane bags (available on Packaging Chimp) like the ones used by businesses could perhaps do just fine to solve their problem of having to ask for their expensive Tupperware containers back once the cookies have long gone down with some milk.

Simplicity is indeed the ultimate sophistication, so you should keep things as simple as possible. How about something like a ceramic brie baker that comes with a serving board made of oak, for example, after which time you give this gift to your favourite baking loved-one you may even notice just how much they really love it? They may even notice themselves just how much they needed it and perhaps couldn’t quite put their finger on exactly what it is they needed all along.

Again, it’s all about the small details. The tiny details are what demonstrate the sheer thoughtfulness behind the gift you pick out. For example, you could gift your favourite baker a Custom cutting board with their name or initials on it! This would show how much effort you have put into getting them a gift. Furthermore, picking up on these finest of details can be a simple matter of popping in for a visit and then watching your favourite baker loved-one in action. Are they limited for space in some or other way? Is there anything which could perhaps be automated?

If your gift isn’t used as much as you might have anticipated, do not feel offended. Bakers have special tools they use to complete the various baking tasks they take on, so perhaps your baker’s gift is used to whip up special Christmas cookies or a that special Christmas pudding everybody loves to enjoy as part of the festive cheer.

Keep it simple and put some thought into it.

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