Top 5 things to do in Edinburgh according to Trip Advisor

As part of the tech revolution known as digital disruption, Trip Advisor has fast become one of the most visited websites in the world, helping people check reviews on hotels, attractions restaurants and the like, gain ideas for trips out and more recently book their stay at the destination of their choice. Its idea of user-generated content works a treat in setting up a holiday and we thought of putting it to the test to guide our trip to Edinburgh.

Here’s the list of the best things to do in the capital city of Scotland ranked by the reviews on Trip Advisor. Have a go at doing these things yourself and share your experiences online with others eager to visit.

1.     Arthur’s Seat

No trip to Edinburgh is complete unless you’ve walked atop the highest peak overlooking the city. Arthur’s Seat offers unbelievable panoramic views of the capital and is relatively easy yet highly rewarding to climb. Although it’s recommended to hike your way to the viewing point on a sunny day, people also use the Seat as a spot to witness the famous firework displays in Edinburgh, especially the Hogmanay. For its breathtaking panorama, Arthur’s Seat deserves its place at the top of this list.

2.     Royal Yacht Britannia

Anybody sharing a passion for royalty must prioritise visiting Royal Yacht Britannia before any other activities. After more than 40 years in the service of the Royal Family, when the ship was the floating royal residence, it is now anchored in the port of Edinburgh. The tour at the board of the giant yacht is particularly comprehensive, exploring the State Apartments, Crew’s Quarters, Engine Rooms, as well as a short optional detour by the well equipped gift shop. At just £15, the admission ticket is a bargain (especially bearing in mind the running costs of this great ship back in its heyday), making Royal Yacht Britannia a fantastic experience you don’t want to miss.

3.     The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Taking place annually in August as part of the Edinburgh Festival, the event consists of military displays by the British Armed Forces, Commonwealth and other international military bands. The traditional tattoo takes place on the esplanade of the Edinburgh Castle and its extreme popularity lures more than 200,000 people every year to see the event live. The unique character of the show and the impressive blend of art and military should be more than enough to tempt you our from your luxury apartment or suburban home to see a foot-tappingly good show.

4.     Edinburgh Old Town

Fittingly nicknamed “The Athens of the North”, Edinburgh arguably boasts the best Old Town in Europe. There are no less than 909 Category A listed buildings in the city, creating a mesmerising maze of medieval edifices surrounding the famous Royal Mile. With so many festivals hosted annually, tourists are ever present in the city, making for a vibrant and colourful atmosphere. Bordered at the south end by some of the most luxurious apartments in Edinburgh and by the Meadows, the Old Town is a place you never get tired of.

5.     National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum is situated inside a modern building, unlike most other national museums in Europe that are hosted by older, usually listed structures. Six different galleries take you through art, nature, history, science, culture and a window on the world. It encapsulates a diverse collection of items, though you might really feel your legs after a few hours’ worth of wandering around.

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