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Top 3 Crawley Nursing Home in West Sussex

According to the Alzheimer’s Society, there will be 850,000 people in the UK with a diagnosis of dementia. Frightening as these statistics might be, the good news is that there is excellent residential care available for the elderly suffering from such degenerative conditions. In fact, West Sussex has some of the best facilities you could ask for when you are looking for experienced and skilled professionals to take care of your parents. Here’s a look at the top three nursing homes in Crawley, West Sussex to help you make an informed decision.

A Perfect Home Away from Away for Dementia Patients in Crawley

The Ashton House Nursing Home is the perfect place for aged dementia patients who require round the clock care and assistance. Situated in a spacious, uncluttered area, the facility offers comprehensive medical care and assistance for the elderly. Each room is furnished with special attention to the needs of aging residents, apart from making sure the room fits the specific needs of every individual patient. The premises include spacious elevators, while wheelchair assistance is provided for patients with mobility issues. The locales are picturesque and ideal for complete mental peace and relaxation. Elderly members of your family, who require dementia care, can make friends, socialize and feel completely cared for right here.

A Dementia Care Facility on the Outskirts of Surrey

Ifield Park Care Home is a registered as a nonprofit friendly society with the FSA. Set in a spacious 3.5 acre plot, it is set on the outskirts of Surrey. The nursing home provides professional care for as many as 73 residents at a time. There are three homes on the site, a nursing home with 21 beds, a 26 bed residential home for the elderly and the frail, and another 21 bed home specifically for people suffering from Dementia. You can also access day care services and respite care via short stays, whichever seems suitable. It is a reputed facility that has won the trust of many patients through the years.

Experienced Dementia Care in West Sussex

Excel Care Nursing Homes has been in business for over 15 years. The staff here believes in dealing with patients in a manner in which they do not ever miss home. The nurses, caregivers and medical professionals become family members for them, committed to assisting the residents in every possible way. Individual needs of customers are recognized and suitable care is imparted for their safety and well being. Customized aid is provided, depending upon the nature of dementia, behavioral issues and so on. You can leave your near and dear ones here without any nagging worries lurking at the back of your mind.

Once your family member is diagnosed with dementia, looking for a care facility could be a challenging task. You should check track records, client feedback and possibly the facility itself before making a final decision. When it concerns the safety of your near and dear ones, it is always preferable to be extremely careful. Relying on one of these top nursing homes in West Sussex could be a safe bet.

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