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Tips on How to Decorate your Child’s Perfect Bedroom

Being a parent isn’t an easy job at the best of times, and indeed when the need to redecorate or redesign a child’s bedroom comes around, that job can be made ten times as difficult! There’s no need to worry though; whatever your budget, and whatever your child’s interests, here are some incredibly useful tips that you can call upon when it becomes apparent that that cutesy nursery really isn’t working for your eight year old!


Talk It Over

The best way to make sure your child has the room that they crave is to simply ask them what they’d like from their new room. Yes, your child might want a huge bunk bed with all manner of other unattainable extras, but by showing them some designs on the internet and involving them from the get-go, you’ll ensure their happiness with the end product and also teach them some very useful life lessons in home design!

Buy Online

The most important thing to do when you’re buying new furnishings and items for your child’s room is to purchase these items online, not from flashy, but expensive high street retailers. Take beds, for example. If you were to buy these from the high street the price would run in to the hundreds (who knows why smaller beds cost so much more than larger ones!?) but if you were to buy that very same childrens bed from Bedstar, an online retailer, for instance, you’d make an enormous saving. Sites such as these also have great mattress and bed recycling and delivery/pick-up services, so it really pays to surf around!

Buy Second-Hand

Another great money-saving tip for these bleak budgetary times is buying second-hand. Whether it’s a wardrobe or chest of drawers, second-hand shops and charity retailers are a goldmine for cheap furnishings. Contrary to popular thought they aren’t riddled with bacteria or mites, and whilst a fair few items will have come in to being in the seventies, you’ll be surprised by the modern offerings available.

Paint Works Wonders

Following on from the previous tip, but similarly useful for chipped or stained wooden furniture, before you buy anything new just think: could a lick of paint brighten it up? Paints, as I’m sure you’re well aware, come in every shade imaginable, so you’ll definitely be able to ensure your beloved gets the flavour of room they want most!

Do you have any other great children’s bedroom redecoration tips? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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