Tips on Getting the Kids to Chip in With the Cleaning

Getting your kids to help with cleaning can be difficult, especially if you’ve put it off for a while and done it all for them up until now. Kids are capable of much more than you think, so starting them off early is recommended. This guide will outline the tricks you need to know in order to get your kids used to cleaning, so you can have a little helper or two around the house. Read on to learn more:


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Start Them off Young

Let the kids help you from a very young age so they get used to cleaning. The older they get without doing anything for themselves, the more they won’t want to help you as they grow up. Start them off by simply allowing them to help wash up or sweep the floor, and then give them more tasks gradually as they grow.

Make it a Game

Kids need to have fun cleaning, or they won’t want to do it. By turning cleaning up into a game, they’ll feel proud of themselves once they’ve finished and maybe even want to do more! Tell them you’ll race them, and you can then make sure they win. However, you shouldn’t make siblings compete against each other as they may try to sabotage the other’s efforts and make even more of a mess. Make it so that they’re a team!

Reward Them

After every week of successfully keeping their rooms tidy, for example, you could take them for a Mcdonalds or an Ice cream. Rewarding them for hard work every so often will motivate them to continue. However, make sure they don’t end up expecting a bribe from you in order to do it!

Keep Your Promises

If you make the kids a promise, then you must keep it once they’ve finished cleaning. For example, if you told them they could have 50p or an ice cream, you need to follow through with it or they won’t want to help again.

Put Some Music On

If the kids are a bit older and you’ve asked them to totally gut out their bedrooms, then you will need to put some music on for them. This will help them to work, especially if the music is upbeat and motivating.

Change Up the Chores

Have a cleaning rota, so that everybody gets a fair go of doing the different jobs in the house. Keep the difficult ones aside – cleaning the driveway and concrete outside the house or cleaning gutters, for instance. Such jobs that include pressure washing and similar industrial cleaning methods should be left for professionals from the likes of ProClean Plus or other such companies.

With easier tasks, like mopping or cleaning dishes, you can create a roster or a timetable. This will keep it interesting for the kids so that they’re not doing the same thing every day/week. They can easily unload the dishwasher, put cutlery away, sweep the floor, and maybe even hoover the floor. You need to make sure that you have all of the necessary equipment, including gloves, wipes, a brush, and a vacuum cleaner. Take a look on this site to find what would be the best vacuum cleaner for you!

Some kids are cleaned up after all their lives, and end up incapable of looking after themselves when they get older as a result. You’re doing them a favour by starting them off now!

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