Tips to Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

Hot tubs have become increasingly popular over the last few years as you can rent pop up ones, buy the cheaper inflatable ones or create your own luxury spa at home. It is as easy as searching for keywords like ‘Hot Tubs Near Me‘ on the internet and procuring one for yourself! It’s even able to keep you warm throughout the winter.

Just like swimming pools and your own bathtub, they need to be cleaned often as debris, dead skin and skin products that we use can cause the tub to be unhygienic the longer it is left. If you think about how many people and how often you’re sat bathing in your hot tub, then it gets you thinking about what extra steps you can take in keeping it clean.

As the tub is full of water, you’ve got to protect it from limescale and mould that can occur in damp environments, it’s worth investing in the correct chemicals and cleaning products so that these problems don’t form and damage the hot tub equipment.

You’re better of checking and cleaning your filter on a regular basis especially if the tub is being used more often. Every two weeks should be enough to ensure that the filter is doing its job right and that the water in the tub is clean when you’re relaxing in there. If the filter starts to become dirtier quickly, then that could be a sign that the filter itself is broken and may need replacing. If you don’t then it could cause problems in other areas of the tub.

An important way in keeping your hot tub clean is by making sure the cover of it is cleaned once a month, this means having to take it off and cleaning it with a gentle all-purpose cleaner or a mixture of 1 part bleach to 10 part water. Wiping it down and letting it air dry completely will keep it fresher and reduces the chances of it having a damp smell. If you have a vinyl cover, using a conditioner for it will prolong its life and protects against mildew.

People entering the hot tub can also take steps in making sure it stays as clean as possible. The skin products and soaps that we use can actually cause scum on the surface of the water and these can affect the jets in your hot tub, therefore it’s best if you take a quick shower before you enter the hot tub to make sure that none of these products are lingering in the water.

Depending on how often you actually use your hot tub, the water should be changed every 3 months, if you use it less often then every 6 months should be okay, but that is the maximum amount of time that it should be left. When doing this, before it’s drained, it’s best to put the jets on high and used a gentle flush solution to clear the jets so that they are in prime condition when the new clean water is put in. It’s best to wipe the tub dry before putting water back in to make sure there’s no contamination.

If you’re on a hot tub holiday, best practice suggests that you should at least try to keep it as clean as when you arrived. Hopefully, the people running the cottage/lodge/treehouse will have the heavy duty cleaning under control, just remember to be a sensible hot tub user and leave it how you would like to find it.

For more advice on getting the most out of your hot tub holiday visit this page:

It has some great advice for how to have the best time AND be safe.

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