Tips for Travelling to Menorca with Small Children

Taking a holiday with your little ones is very different from going alone with your significant other. You need to find a place that every member of the family will enjoy, which can sometimes be a difficult task. It will take a lot of planning in order to have the best possible holiday. This is the case with most parents when it comes to planning a holiday with kids.

Menorca is a great destination to choose when travelling with children and we will highlight the main tips for travelling to Menorca with small children. The warm and gentle waters are perfect for the kids, it is only a 2.5 hour flight from the UK and there is plenty of child friendly accommodation available.


Child friendly flights

Chosing to fly with is a good option, because you can get a flight that does not leave to early in the morning, you are allowed to take 22kg of luggage and another 10kg of hand luggage. This allows you to pack in a lot of snacks, games and DVDs to keep the little ones busy. Your seats are also allocated, which means that there are no long queues to wait in.

Spending Money

Often, children’s activities and meals cost a lot less than adults’, so it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to take your kids away. If you want some extra cash to pay for a few trips, why not sell some old stuff like tvs or phones you don’t use anymore? rather than leaving things in an old drawer or unused in a spare bedroom; free up some space and get some cash for it.

Where to stay with little ones

You can find some very lovely accommodation here, but a great place to get a two bedroom apartment is in Son Parc, which is situated on the North of the island. It is only a ten minute walk from the beach, where there is a toddler pool and a wide variety of beach toys for them to play with. You are allowed to have a BBQ on the balcony, which is great for parents after a long day with the little ones.

Getting around here

Hiring a car to get around and explore is a great idea. Grab the kids and head down to Cala Galdana for the day. The golden sand and calm waters are perfect for the little ones. They will not get knocked over by giant waves while building sand castles on the sand.

Where to get some grub

There is a wonderful child friendly restaurant called Toboggan, where you can sit out on the big patio, enjoy your lunch and still an eye on your little ones, who are having fun on the waterslide or on the mini golf course. Most of the restaurant in Menorca have kiddie’s menus and play areas to keep them occupied.

The beaches and things to do in Menorca

The beach at Son Parc is a great place for young children. The water is shallow enough for them to paddle around in and it is not overcrowded at all. Older kids can have fun snorkeling in the warm waters. Hiring a pedalo boat is also great for the little ones to go ‘sailing’, and see the fish and other marine life in the crystal clear waters.

There are wonderfully clean and well maintained playgrounds all over Menorca for the kids to enjoy. Most of them are divided into sections for older and younger children which means that your little ones will have the opportunity to play with children their own age.

When your holiday has come to an end and it is time to go back home, there is also a lovely little play ground area at the Mahon Airport in the departures lounge. It is a wonderful place for them to keep themselves busy while waiting to board the plane. Menorca on a whole is a fantastic place to go on a holiday with your kids.

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