Tips for non-parents: How to buy a baby shower gift

Many people find shopping for a baby shower gift incredibly difficult. With so many different things to choose from, it can often feel rather overwhelming, especially if you are not a parent yourself. In this article we will provide you with our top tips to help you buy the perfect baby shower gift.

Ask the mother-to-be what she might like before buying your baby shower gift
Ask the mother-to-be what she might like before buying your baby shower gift

Enquire about a registry

Many mums and dads to be set up online registries that give guests an idea of the gifts they would like to receive. Before you purchase a baby shower gift, ask if there is a registry. Sometimes this information may be included on the baby shower invitation. This registry might even contain gift ideas you may not have originally thought of, such as some photography sessions with photographers such as Cynthia Hamilton Photography, or other maternity photographers in their local area. Presents that are come in the form of experiences might not be the first choice, but if you check the registry and see them there then this might be a good option to go for as a non-parent. If there is a registry you will be able to have a look and see what other people have already bought to ensure you do not buy the same thing. The great thing about registries is that they usually feature gift ideas that vary in price. Closer family members are more likely to purchase the expensive gifts on the list, whereas neighbours and co-workers tend to opt for something more budget-friendly.

Is it a boy or girl?

If the parents-to-be have found out the gender of the baby, there is no harm in asking if it is a boy or a girl, so you can choose a more appropriate gift for the gender. You can even ask if they already picked out a name, some parents do this before the baby is born, then you can customize something for the baby when it grows up. For instance, a custom photo necklace or a name necklace if you want to make it really special and touching. That way when the baby is old enough they will appreciate this gift much more. However, if they do not know the gender of the baby or are keeping it secret, then you will have to opt for a neutral gift. As an alternative, you can consider gifting a moon lamp with a few customizations. As you may not know the gender of the baby, you could customize your lamp gift with a beautiful text message that they can read and appreciate you as a person when they grow up. That said, there are plenty of neutral baby shower gifts to choose from, so this won’t be a difficult task!

Ask about clothing sizes

Although you would think it makes sense to purchase a new born baby, new born clothes, you will often find that new parents prefer guests to purchase bigger sized clothing for when the baby grows. The reason being is that new parents often buy new born clothing themselves when preparing for the birth of their child or receive it as a gift from close family members. Before purchasing baby clothes as your gift, ask the parents what size they would prefer.

Consider safety

If you are thinking of purchasing toys, check that they are suitable for new born babies. This should be stated on the label or on the back of the packaging. Teddy bears often have eyes than can be pulled off or buttons that can come lose, both of which are choking hazards. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of toy gifts out there suitable for new born babies, it is just a matter of checking the labels or packaging before you make a purchase!

Choose a practical gift

Sometimes basic baby essentials and accessories can make the best baby shower gifts. Mums and dads to be can never have enough bibs, burp towels, bottles and nappies. If you are thinking of purchasing small, practical items like this, you may want to consider presenting them in a basket, hamper or gift box. Simply bundle them together, add tissue paper and a pretty ribbon and you are good to go!

Gifts for the parents

Rather than purchasing a gift for the baby, you could instead choose to purchase a baby shower gift for the parents-to-be. Keepsake gifts such as photo albums and baby journals make lovely baby shower presents. Or, look into getting something a little different such as checking out how to make t-shirt blankets or other personalized gifts. If the couple is into traveling, for example, get a collection of cheap travel tops and form a blanket. This gift can be shared between the whole family then! Alternatively, you could create a hamper full of goodies that the mum-to-be can use to pamper herself before the arrival of her baby.

A memory book or baby journal can make the perfect baby shower gift.
A memory book or baby journal can make the perfect baby shower gift.


Shopping for a baby shower gift is not as difficult as it sounds. Even if you do not have children yourself, it isn’t hard to work out what sort of items the parents-to-be will be looking to receive. If you really are stuck for ideas and there isn’t a registry, you can always ask the parents-to-be what they would like. Baby shower gifts range in prices, depending on what you are purchasing. With so many different gift ideas, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to find the perfect baby shower gift within your price range.

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