Tips For Making Family Friendly Vacation Plans

It’s fun to take the family on vacation, but you need to make sure that it is well planned. Teenagers, and little ones alike, can get pretty bored if you don’t have enough things planned to keep them busy and that fit into their actual interests. While you may think touring art museums sounds like a wonderful family vacation, your teen would rather be touring the music hall of fame.


If you are worried about coming up with things that will make everyone happy, here are some tips that can help you out.

Consider Everyone’s Interests

Start off your planning by taking into account the various interests of your family. If you have history fans, you may want to visit a museum or two. If you have a sports fan, you may want to do something sports related. Maybe your little one like dinosaurs and the museum has a special dinosaur exhibit. If you are nature lovers why not camping or a road trip in a facinating place? You can rent a car using resources like and see where the road takes you.

Maybe everyone likes to swim. Then you can have an easy plan by finding a resort on the water, or maybe going on a cruise with the whole family. Family cruises offer stuff for everyone to do, from swimming and sports, to games and dancing. It’s the perfect vacation all on one boat.

Look For Places With Tons To Do

If a boat isn’t something everyone would love to be on, maybe some is afraid of water or gets seasick, you can still look for other fun options where there are tons of things to do. From resort towns to places with numerous tourist attractions, there are options all over the world.

Start by looking where you want to go and research what there is to do there. There are plenty of travel apps on your smartphone, or you can simply Google the area you plan to visit. Look for shopping, museum, sports and entertainment, and even tourist attractions. Visit the chamber or commerce site, or even search what to do in such and such area with kids. You’ll find a ton of information.

Talk To Your Kids

Maybe you aren’t really sure where you want to go, you just have some vacation time and some money put away. Sit your kids down and ask them where they’d like to do. You don’t need to do this for every vacation, but you’ll make them feel special if you let them pick places.

Of course, it’s like you’ll end up somewhere warm with a Disney park, but you can bet there is plenty fun for kids and adults at such places.

Before you head out for your vacation, wherever you planned to go, make sure you have a checklist of everything you need, and that you check it twice. You already know it won’t be a stress free vacation, since the kids will be along, but you may as well cut back on the stress by not forgetting anything important!

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