Tips For How to Cope if You Have a Child Dealing With Severe Health Problems

Becoming a parent is one of the most amazing things that will happen to you. When your child is born, everything else in life seems to stand still as you gaze into the face of the most perfect and beautiful angel you ever laid eyes on. The rest of your life becomes a mission to support your child and make sure that they receive the life you never had or the life you always dreamed of having.


When your wishes for your child’s life get interrupted by a serious health problem, the entire world comes crashing down in a heap on top of you and all around you and you can’t find your way out. There is no light of day and you’re stuck waiting for somebody to find you and help you out of the rubble.

If your child has been diagnosed with a serious health problem, here are ways you can cope with the pain and struggle and hopefully find joy in the long and arduous process:

Find the Right Doctor

There is little more important than finding the right doctor for your child. If you meet with a doctor and they don’t seem like the right fit, albeit you didn’t like their countenance, their prices, their practice, or the way they conduct business, it’s your right to continue looking until you find the right fit. Some practices offer medicaid consulting, which may help you to find a more affordable treatment plan for your child.

It’s understandable you might not have a lot of time, but pool your resources to find the one who is going to do all they can in a way that is best for your child. Your peace of mind knowing that you have the right doctor will help the process tremendously.

Take Care of Yourself

When you have an ill child, it’s easy to neglect your own very basic needs in order to care for them. If you want what’s best for your child, you can’t do this. Manage your own stress levels and emotions. See a therapist, or talk with friends to deal with the emotions. If your child requires a lot of care and attention, seek help of those around you like family, friends, and medical professionals.

If you’re unable to handle your own stress and emotions, your child will be vulnerable to those same emotions and will ultimately fare worse in their illness because of it.

Find a Support Group

You might want to find others who are going through the same process as you and you might decide to join or get more involved in a church. When severe emotional turmoil shakes a family unit, the support group needs to be there to hold the family together. This means meal trains, volunteering cleaning the house, and other things like setting up fundraisers for medical bills….without a support group you’re doing it all on your own. Nobody is meant to do that.

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