Three Reasons To Get Sober For Your Family

Getting sober, no matter what you’re addicted to, isn’t always an easy task. Recovery takes steps and time, but it is worth it for the benefits it brings to your life and your family life. Recovery starts with understanding that you have a problem and then getting the help that you need in order to overcome.


Sometimes simply going to rehab or counseling just isn’t enough. Once you find out what your triggers are that push you to your drug or drink of choice you may find that you have some things in your life you need to change. It might even help to spend some time in a sober living home where you can learn to face each day again without your crutch. This way, you can have the freedom of the outside world and also get the support of staff to help you restrain from taking drugs or alcohol. You can check out sober living programs like Transcend Recovery Community if you decide on opting for it.

If you need extra motivation to do everything possible to get clean, here are some reasons your family needs you to fight your addiction.

You’ll Be There When Your Family Needs You

How many times have you missed an important moment because you were drunk or under the influence of some drugs? Maybe you passed out and didn’t show up at your daughter’s recital, or maybe you were drunk at one of their birthday parties and made an embarrassing scene. Whatever the situation, by not being there or not being yourself while there you are creating a negative environment and making your children less trustworthy.

You’ll Be Risking Less

There are many risks to your life, and the life of your family, when it comes to addiction. You risk losing your children, losing your job, and even losing your life. If you keep drugs around the house you also risk your children’s lives. By getting clean and keeping these substances out of your home you are increasing your family’s safety, and your ability to be a better parent.

The risks are so great when it comes to addiction that if you realize you have a problem you need to get help if you don’t want to appear selfish to some people. While addiction is an illness and not a choice not all people see it that way.

You’ll Be Setting A Better Example

Even the children of smokers have an increased risk of becoming smokers, so you should be doing what you can to live a smart and healthy lifestyle, which will motivate your children to do the same. Even as a recovered addict you are setting a better example because you are showing your children that you understand that you had a problem and you are doing something to get better.

Once you are on the road to recovery you will start to see things differently. With a supportive family and friends you can be successful, and you will allow your children to have more time with you.

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