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Three luxury items that should be on your dream home list

When thinking about your ideal home, the words opulence, extravagance and luxury might spring to mind. Unfortunately, for most of us, living among lavish interiors and five-star facilities may seem somewhat unrealistic. But achieving your dream home isn’t beyond the realms of possibility – it just takes a little bit of vision. So, while you’re saving up to make your dreams become a reality, here are three luxury items we think deserve a spot on your wish-list.

  1. Four poster bed

There’s something undeniably extravagant about a four poster bed. With its dramatic aesthetics and classical styling, it adds a sense of elegance and grandeur to the bedroom. Reminiscent of a more decadent era of furniture design, four poster beds command attention and are a far cry from modern minimalism (in a good way). And there’s a range of styles to choose from too. From Georgian-inspired creations with delicate wooden carvings and canopies to contemporary metal frames with rich upholstered headboards, there really is something to suit all tastes. While these majestic beds may sound like something reserved for a palace, they are very much a part of today’s luxury interior designs. To see for yourself the variety of styles and designs that are on offer, you can head to sites like And So To Bed.

  1. Walk-in waterfall shower

Nothing says home spa experience quite like a walk-in waterfall shower. These indulgent features offer an invigorating experience that will make getting up in the morning much less of a struggle. With head-to-toe body jets and an oversized shower head that makes you feel like you’re basking underneath a tropical waterfall, there’s no better way to wash away the stresses and strains of the day. Who needs luxury hotel amenities when you have one of these in your very own bathroom?

  1. Chaise lounge

The chaise lounge. The name alone is enough to spur excitement in the mind of the opulence-loving homeowner. The crème de la crème of the sofa world, this elegant reclining seat can bring an air of class to almost any room of the home, whether it’s the lounge, hallway or bedroom. Characterised by its graceful shape and plush fabrics, this timeless piece of furniture will add instant charm to your abode and is perfect for a lazy day of lounging or simply used as a decorative feature. If you want to be envy of all your guests, the chaise lounge really is a must-have item.

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