Things You Should Consider Before Buying Your Kids a Pet for Christmas

Getting a new pet is so exciting, but there are many things to consider before getting swept up in it all. You need to make sure you consider every single pro and con before deciding on what pet to buy, or whether to buy one at all. A pet is for life; not just for Christmas!

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Do You Have the Time?

Depending on the pet you’re thinking of buying, you’ll need varying amounts of time to devote to them. You’ll need to make sure they have sufficient exercise, are cleaned out/bathed regularly, and are played with on a regular basis. You shouldn’t consider this time a chore either!

Are You Committed Enough?

To really know whether you’re committed or not you need to consider the lifespan of your pet. A dog can live up to 16 years, a cat can live 20, and a parrot can live 50! It really is a life long commitment in most cases.

Do You Have the Space?

The amount of space in your home will affect the kind of pet you can get. There’s no use buying a Great Dane if you only live in a small apartment! If you’re buying a small animal for the kids, work out where the cage can go so they’re safe and away from direct sunlight. The better the environment for the pet, the happier they’ll be.

Can You Afford a Pet?

You shouldn’t just worry about the initial cost of the pet. You need to consider vet bills, emergencies, food, training if needed, toys, and insurance. You can spend thousands on pets, so you need to be prepared! Fleas are common pet issues, so it’s likely you’ll have to buy flea treatment at some point. How will you cope when you have to eliminate the whole house of fleas? Take a look at flea treatment for pets here.

Can You Get A Sitter?

If you go away, your pet will need a sitter too! You might need to consider the cost of a pet sitter, kennels, or even taking them with you if they’re too nervous to stay by themselves.

Will Your Pet Fit In?

You need to make sure that the new pet will fit in with the family. How will young children react to the pet? A boisterous child could end up making a puppy or kitten nervous for life, so you might want to wait until they’re older.

Will it Disturb The Neighbours?

If your dog is going to bark long into the night or your cat is going to do it’s business on your neighbours roses, you’re probably going to annoy the neighbours a bit. Consider how these problems will be resolved should they come up!

If you can think of solutions to the above dilemmas, and have accepted that your new pet will take time, money, effort, and patience (no matter how big or small it is), then you should go ahead and buy your kids a pet this Christmas!

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