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Things to Remember When Viewing a Property for the First Time


Buying your first home is not only an exciting experience, but a very stressful one as well.  This is particularly true if you are not as clued up on the housing market as other people.  When looking at property for sale Aberdeenshire, there are many things you need to remember.  To help you understand what these things are, we will discuss the main considerations you should make when looking at potential homes.

Look at Properties like Properties Not Homes

It is very important when viewing at property you are interested in for the first time that you don’t see it as a home just yet.  Instead you should see it as a property that needs to be inspected.  By doing that you will prevent yourself from falling in love with it too soon, especially before you have checked whether it is good value for money or not.

Always View Properties Before You Even Consider Buying

You’d be surprised by how many, despite how much sense this makes, buy houses without viewing them.  You should always view a property you are interested in as many times as you can, as this will enable you to spot problems and issues.

Check the Structure of the Property

As well as looking at the dimensions of each room, you need to also carefully inspect the property’s structure.  If you spot any hairline or bigger cracks in the walls or ceilings you should ask the seller or estate agent for more information about how they happened and how serious they are.

Beware Of Any Damp

Always be on the lookout and sniff out for damp.  Although you may not be able to see it, you will definitely be able to smell it.  Often sellers cover damp spots and patches with paint so if your nostrils pick up that musky, mouldy sort of smell; there’s probably damp somewhere in the property.

Don’t let Minor Flaws Put You Off

You should always keep your feet firmly on the ground when viewing properties for sale and remain realistic.  If a house seems to tick all the boxes for you, apart from some minor issues, you should not be put off from buying it.  It is much more sensible to enlist the help of a professional tradesman or assessor to check the issues and quote you an estimate of how much it will take to fix them.  You could then use this information to whittle the price down a bit with the seller or agent.

Always Check the Neighbourhood

Along with viewing the property and the area immediately surrounding it, you should take the time to check out the local area.  Spend time walking round and visit it at different times of the day and week.  Visit during rush hour and if possible and practice doing the school and work commute to see how long it takes you.  If the seller or agent seems reluctant to tell you anything, you should ask local shopkeepers and neighbours about the area and what they think about it.


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