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The Ultimate Guide To Being A Godparent


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If you are lucky enough to be a child’s godparent, then you have a lot to live up to. The child’s parents have chosen you because they believe that you are worthy of helping raise their child. Being a godparent is a huge commitment, so before you accept you should think long and hard about whether you’re up to the task.

Once you have accepted this huge honour, you have some work to do. Being a godparent isn’t all about turning up and looking good, it is about a serious commitment you are making to help that child. If he or she is ever in spiritual trouble, you are the one he or she will turn to for help. You are there to give guidance and help them throughout their life.

If a dear friend has asked you to be the godparent of their child, you might be worrying about what to do next. Don’t panic. Here is your guide to being the perfect godparent.

Get The Perfect Present

The present that a godparent gives to their godchild holds great importance. This gift is most likely the most important present you will ever give so make sure that you choose with care. Christening silver is a traditional gift for your godchild and will help them to remember you when they wear it.

You might want to get the silver jewellery engraved with their name and date of birth for that extra unique and thoughtful touch. The gift is your chance to show your godchild and his or her parents, how seriously you are taking your new role. Show them that this is as important to you as it is to them.

Give Good Advice

When your godchild can’t go to her or her parents for advice, guess where they are going to come? You. You act as a guide for your godchild when things are going wrong. Ensure that you are ready with some good advice. When the time comes, and they need you, you need to be there ready to tell them just the right thing.

If you don’t have children of your own and so don’t have experience in the area, take the time to think about what to say. Your godchild could come to you with spiritual questions, and you have to be ready to answer these with honesty. Or your godchild might need life advice. Be sure to give them the best advice you can.

Be A Friend

You are not just a guardian you are a friend. Don’t look down on or patronise your godchild. Instead, act as a helpful friend for when times get hard.

Introduce your godchild to a new hobby or craft. Maybe show them how to do something, which their parents can’t do like sewing or ice skating. Whatever it is by teaching them new things, you can build a solid relationship with your godchild. Doing so will make it easier to give them advice later, as they will trust your opinion.

Remember The Little Things

Never forget your godchild’s birthday. Doing that is the worst thing you can do and will upset both your godchild and their parents. Remember, they selected you to be a significant part of their child’s life. That means remembering the little things such as birthdays, Christmas and school plays. You need to be there for your godchild just like his or her parents are there for him or her. Don’t neglect this responsibility as it is the most important of all. Make a note of all the important annual events in your godchild’s calendar. Confer with his or her parents on a regular basis about upcoming events and show an interest. By doing all these things you cannot go wrong and will make a perfect godparent.

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