The Ultimate Guide to a Foam Roller

Ask any busy mum what they would like the most in their lives, aside from more sleep, and they would most certainly respond that they would like to have ache-free muscles! After all, carrying around your precious cargo is hard work. Who needs the gym when you are faced with carrying around a toddler on a daily basis? If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to soothe you aching muscles, as well as a DIY treatment that can be done in the home, we believe we have found the product for you. Aching muscles should be a thing of the past, when you look at benefits of a foam roller.

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What is a Foam Roller?

 Foam rollers are athletes best kept secret. Used in the sports world for years, the device is used to help soothe aching and sore muscles after a big event. It is essentially a form of self-massage that finds trigger points within the body and relieves tension and pain from these trigger points. Pressure is added to these trigger points thus alleviating the pain that is felt in the muscles as well as aiding a healthy recovery of said muscles. They are often used by physical therapists to help relieve tension in muscles that is caused by playing sports on a regular basis. It was once only used by athletes and sportsman at the top of their game, but the great thing is, they are now becoming more widely available on the domestic market. This means that as a parent, who has continually aching muscles, you can now feel the benefits of a foam roller too.

 The Benefits of a Foam Roller:

 Foam rollers have a multitude of benefits, which is what makes them such a fantastic device to have within the home. They are a natural way of encouraging muscle repair and growth, without the aid of drugs to assist with the pain felt with muscle damage. For those who are loathe to prescribe themselves, or medicate problems, this is the perfect natural solution. What is more, they are incredibly easy to use. Instructions are available with the muscle roller, which allows you to try a wide variety of exercises to ensure that you get the best for your new product. The exercises that you can do within the home are easy and do not require you to have the body of Jessica Ennis to ensure that you can use the device. Similarly, they are a cost-effective solution for those that cannot afford physical therapists and expensive treatments to aid with the rehabilitation of muscle damage.

 The Disadvantages of a Foam Roller:

A word of warning: using this device will hurt. However, the key to long term recovery will involve a small amount of pain. When you have reached your pressure points, it is advisable to relax for several seconds to ensure that no further damage is caused. No one is expecting you to turn into a sadomasochist using this device! That said, if you visit a physiotherapist, they will hurt you too! The adage ‘no pain, no gain’ is certainly applicable to this but the long term benefits of soothing muscle pain far outweighs the short term implications.

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