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The Secrets To A Healthy Home Environment Revealed!

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We can’t control the way our children are under constant attack from pollutants and bacteria when they are out, but we can try to create a healthy environment within our homes. More kids than ever suffer from allergies that bring on conditions such as asthma. In this day and age you would think that they would all be healthy thanks to modern hygiene standards. I suspect that those harsh cleaning chemicals might be having an effect on the immune systems of our little ones.

If you would like to create a healthy home environment to alleviate the symptoms allergies and give your kids a fighting chance against irritants, read on. We will reveal the secrets to a healthy home environment.

Water Quality

Water is good for your children but can you guarantee its quality when you draw it from the tap? Ray at FM Water Systems could talk all day about the additives and bacteria that might be lurking within it. Did you know that you can easily install a whole house water filtration system? I have one, and I love the peace of mind it brings whenever my kids get a glass of that magical liquid.

Check the Indoor Air Quality

The secret to having a healthy home environment is good indoor air quality. Remember that poor indoor air quality can lead to many respiratory problems including asthma. That is why it is crucial to get in touch with companies like A-1 Certified Environmental Services (which can be found online by searching for “Air Quality Testing After a Fire CA” on the Internet) to get your indoor air tested. Moreover, this can help you understand if you need to take the necessary steps to improve the quality of air indoors.

Natural Cleaning Products

I made the switch to cleaning with natural products and have never looked back. Bleach is a thing of the past in my home, yet the place looks cleaner than it ever has. Intriguing isn’t it? You need few products to achieve it, and you probably have them in your kitchen cupboards already. If not, pay a visit to your local store to buy some. You will only need a small shopping bag. Here is what you need.

  • Bicarbonate of soda.

  • White vinegar.

  • Lemon juice.

Let’s investigate where you can use them around your home.

White vinegar is both a bug killer and an effective product for removing limescale. It is your best friend when cleaning the bathroom. Put some into a spray bottle, and use it to clean everything in the room, from the tiles to the toilet. It will cut through the scale and leave the area gleaming. Use a cup of vinegar down each plug hole to kill the bacteria there and stop any bad smells emanating from them. The room will smell for a short while, but if you leave a window open, it will dissipate quickly.

Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on all of your carpets and vacuum it up after thirty minutes to leave them smelling fresh and clean.

Lemon juice is ideal for cleaning in the kitchen. It is powerful stuff, so dilute it with water and use it on all of the surfaces to kill bacteria and slice through grease and grime. Leave it to soak for a few minutes on filthy areas before wiping it off and rinsing with clean water.

None of these products will cause harm to your children because that are natural. If you use bleach on your worktops, some of it will get into your family’s food as you prepare it, and that can’t be good for you or them.

You will find many more tips and advice about healthy parenting online. The internet is a doorway to everything you ever wanted to know about home hygiene.

I hope you found ramblings riveting. Make the switch today and start living a healthy life. You get used to the changes in no time, and I am sure it has a positive effect on the children. It has to be worth a try, don’t you think?

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