The Pros and Cons of Chest Freezers vs. Upright Freezers: Which should you choose?

Freezers are wonderful things; they provide ample room to store food for the whole family, allow you to take advantage of specials at the supermarket, freeze homemade foods for another day, and more. However, the style of freezer you choose can impact the way you store your food and how much food you can store at one time. The most popular kinds of freezer are chest styles and upright styles, but what kind is right for you? There are pros and cons to both kinds. Read on to make your decision:

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Pros and Cons of Chest Freezers

  • Pro – the chest freezer is the most economical type of freezer.
  • Con – chest freezers require a lot of bending and moving food around to find the food you’re after.
  • Pro – all of the space inside of a chest freezer is usable.
  • Con – defrosting chest freezers can take a whole day as the majority of them are manual.
  • Pro – chest freezers hold their temperature extremely well, meaning they take less energy to run.
  • Con – the freezer’s “footprint” is larger than upright model, so you need to make sure you have plenty of room to install it.
  • Pro – an unplugged chest freezer could keep it’s contents frozen for 2-3 days!
  • Con – you may need to remove a few doors to actually get the freezer in the house.
  • Pro – manual chest freezers usually have a longer lifespan that upright versions. You can always find great chest freezer deals too!
  • Pro – they can accommodate odd shaped food items that would be hard to fit into an upright freezer.

Pros and Cons of Upright Freezers

  • Con – upright freezers are usually more expensive than chest freezers.
  • Pro – you have a better ability to organise food with this kind of freezer.
  • Con – usually less storage capacity than chest freezers (but for more money).
  • Pro – has a smaller “footprint” than chest models, good for small spaces.
  • Con – larger/longer items may not fit, like baguettes or turkeys.

As you can see; there are many pros and cons to each option, which is probably what’s making it difficult for you to choose already. If you can afford it, think that you’ll be able to keep your food organised, and don’t need as much space, an upright freezer might be better for you. However, a chest freezer is cheap to buy and run if you just want eco friendly frozen storage. You’ll also need to take into account the room you have in your home to accommodate the freezer’s “footprint”. The kind of freezer you choose is a totally personal choice and depends on your lifestyle and needs. You could even choose to have both freezers; an upright freezer for daily use and a chest freezer as extra storage! To save money and energy, whichever kind of freezer you choose, you should choose one that’s Energy Star Qualified. We hope we’ve helped you pick the ideal style of freezer for your home!

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