The Next Steps When Early Signs of Teething Appear

Be Prepared For Your Baby to Start Teething

Some babies start teething sooner than others, and you need to prepare for this while your baby is very young. Learn some of the early signs of teething so you can help your baby as much as possible during this painful time. You might notice your baby drooling more than normal or chewing on whatever they can get into their mouth. You might also notice them sleeping worse at night or seeming a bit crabbier during the day, and all of these can be signs and symptoms of teething.

Have Things On Hand to Soothe Your Baby or Toddler

When your baby or toddler is teething, their gums will be sore, and a great way to help relieve the soreness is a nice, cool object. You can place teething rings in the fridge or freezer to cool them down, or you can give your little one some cold water to help their sore gums feel a bit better. Teething gel is something you also might want to have around, and you can put it on the gums to help relieve the irritation.

Four to Seven Months is the Typical Timing

Your baby might get their teeth a bit earlier than average, and you need to be prepared just in case they do, but four to seven months is when the typical baby gets their first tooth. They might start getting irritated before that because the tooth is trying to push through, and if you notice them sucking on their hand more than normal or crying for seemingly no reason, then they might be beginning to get their teeth. It is a good idea to take a look at their mouth and see if the gums appear swollen and red, or if there is any sign of a tooth poking through, so you know what is happening.

You May Need To Try Some Medications

Some over-the-counter baby medications can do a lot to help soothe your little one when they are fussy because of teething, and you can try them when they seem most in need of help. You will want to keep a variety of these medications on hand for when you notice the signs of teething in toddlers and babies, and you will feel good when you have something on hand that will help your little one feel better.

Distraction is a Great Way to Help Your Child

If you are not only concerned about the early signs of teething in your baby, but you are also dealing with the signs of teething in toddlers and you want to keep your little one as happy as possible during this time, then you need to remember that distractions are always a good thing. Give your child a new toy to play with during this time, or sit down and read a story with them. Allow them to watch their favorite show or take them on a walk for a good distraction from the pain.

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