The Many Benefits of Mosaic Tiles in the Bathroom

Not many people think about using mosaic tiles in their bathrooms, but they should. They represent a fun but functional alternative to other tiling, and come with a number of compelling advantages. So, if you’re wanting to remodel your bathroom then why not consider these tiles? If you’ve never done your own tiling before then you can learn more at tilersplace and end up with a wonderful looking bathroom! Here are just some of the benefits of mosaic tiles.

Extremely Durable

Most people underestimate how resilient mosaic tiles are to damage, particularly round mosaic tiles. After all, part of their charm is that they seem rather delicate. This is actually nothing more than an illusion; mosaic tiles are usually made from stone, marble, or hardened glass. Each is extremely durable.

That’s why they’re a great choice for modern bathrooms. It’s all too easy to smash a tile – particularly when it’s on the floor – but mosaic tiles hold up well. Additionally, even if one does break it will only represent a tiny portion of the surface or wall area, making repairs easy and inexpensive.

Highly Versatile

There are mosaic tiles available in all sorts of colours and shades, and, since they’re so small, your design choices are close to unlimited.

You might just want to lay them down like ordinary tiles, but there’s plenty of scope to get a little more creative. For example, you can use white and blue tiles to create a rainfall effect on your walls, or you could go for something utterly original by creating an actual mosaic scene which fits with the bathroom. Of course, that flexibility also possesses functional advantages. Since the tiles are so small, they’re easy to fit around taps, fixtures, and awkward angles.

Easy to Clean

It might not be the most glamorous reason to decide upon mosaic tiles, but there’s no denying that they’re incredibly easy to keep clean. That’s something which homeowners will definitely appreciate in the long run.

Since they’re made from non-porous materials which do not absorb water, mould and germs will not be able to penetrate. If both your walls and floor use mosaic tiles, all you’ll need to do during the majority of cleaning sessions is quickly wipe down the surface.

Mosaic tiles are sure to make your bathroom stand out from the ordinary, all while ensuring that it is simpler to clean and resistant to harm.

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