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The Importance of Celebrating Life’s Milestones

It often happens to those of us who at some or other point in our lives we question the meaning of everything and anything, falling into a pattern which has us electing not to make the effort to celebrate the milestones in our lives. It’s important to take the time and make the effort to celebrate them though, even those which you feel like aren’t unique in any way, such as your birthday.

Sure, everyone has a birthday, but that only means everyone is entitled to that one day each year where they are celebrated just for being who they are. This applies to you too.

Something to look forward to

If you don’t have anything else to look forward to in your life then let the milestones such as your birthday be something to look forward to. At times this can be the only source of motivation to keep you going and working at improving the situation you find yourself in, so celebrate any milestone you can and don’t feel guilty about it.

Averting an existential crisis

I’ve perhaps already hinted at the dreaded existential crisis as a possible reason why people who question everything don’t want to even bother making a fuss about the milestones they achieve in their lives. That’s exactly why it’s important to celebrate your milestones though – it helps avert such negative thoughts which can otherwise lead to depression and other not-so-desirable personal situations to have to deal with.

It has a positive psychological effect

Celebrating milestones definitely has a positive psychological effect on even the most pessimistic of people or those who feel as if they’re simply pure realists. You ordinarily can’t formulate a direct link between something like enjoying a bit of cake on your birthday and the inexplicable energy-and-drive you suddenly have to see out another week at the office, for example, so take it from me – it’s all in the little victories you celebrate in your life.

The celebration doesn’t have to be a mega one since it’s all about the cause and effect, no matter how small and silly.

Establishing and maintaining important bonds

As anti-social as you might tell yourself you are, you cannot help but work up a bit of a smile when someone wishes you a happy birthday for example, even if that birthday wish is clearly assisted by some social media algorithm that has your contacts reminded of it. The point is you feel valued in whatever small way and that’s important because it offers you a window into what celebrating life’s milestones is all about.

It’s about establishing important bonds and support structures if you don’t have many of those, and if you do it’s about maintaining them. That feeling you get is about the thought behind the gesture, so reciprocate it in whatever small way you can, no matter how silly giving something like a birthday gift basket may seem to you. It will be well received and can often make for that all-important link to maintain, strengthen or even create important bonds we all need as human beings.

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