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The Feel-Good Factor

Feeling good about ourselves boosts our confidence and helps us in our daily lives. But when we find that slugs have royally dined out on our prized delphiniums, or the neighbour looses his cat, we soon get upset. Other things concern us even more, such as when our bus services change, or our family moves abroad.

It may be that our health is letting us down, making it difficult to enjoy the things that we used to. Nevertheless, there are many things we can do to help us feel better about ourselves. Joining a new social club or running a friendship circle for a mid-week coffee and a chat give us the opportunity to develop friendships that we can also come to rely on in an emergency.

Try new things and feel better with a personal safety alarm

Try new things and feel better with a personal safety alarm

Learn New Things

With technology as it is today, learning new things couldn’t be easier. Even if you cannot find a class locally, it’s all out there on the internet. Computers can keep you connected to loved ones or help you find the missing links in your family tree. Online courses or forums help you to learn new things and find like-minded people with which to share your passions and ideas.

Diary Dates

There are few things that are as exciting as planning an event or holiday. Dates such as these scribbled on to the kitchen calendar give us something to look forward to. It means that there is something to plan and organise outside our normal routine.

Changing Daily Routines

Staying fit and healthy ensures that we can stay independent for longer; but with around 800,000 elderly people finding it hard to carry on living in their own homes, we need to do all we can to make sure that we don’t end up contributing to these statistics ourselves. Sometimes even small changes to our daily routine can make all the difference. Taking a short walk to pick up the daily newspaper instead of having it delivered, or joining a yoga class, might just be the ticket to an improved lifestyle. Activities such as these benefit both body and mind, as do healthy food choices. Try a new food type from time to time – you’ll get variety and something else to talk about.

Personal Safety

Despite all our efforts, though, things can go wrong and we need assistance. Times such as these suggest that we might feel better with a personal safety alarm. They offer peace of mind for all concerned, since these alarms are easy to install and operate. With or without a monitoring service, you can press a button on the trigger fob to raise the alarm and a trusted person will soon be on hand to help you.

Life Is for Living

They often say that life is too short to let it slip by unnoticed, but it’s easy for it to do just that. Keeping as active and as safe as we can will go some way to helping us feel good about ourselves and will enhance our lives in general. You must avoid getting stuck in a rut — get out there and meet new people and try new things.

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