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The Challenges Faced by School Psychologists

School psychologists face a number of challenges. These challenges have been identified and summarized in an infographic by WPS Publish. You can click here to see it.

They discuss the overloaded school psychologists. They’re struggling to keep up with the 500 to 1000 students they are responsible for. The difficult issues they face are harder than the counselors dealing with midlife crises or conventional depression. They’re dealing with many complex issues, as well. Some students have behavior problems due to issues at home, some have learning difficulties, and some are dealing with mental health problems. They have trouble keeping up with the most challenging cases, often making it impossible to evaluate or assist others. Bureaucracy and the demands of paperwork like IEP get in the way of actually helping students. All of this is compounded by the need to respond to students reporting feeling suicidal or needing medication. They don’t have the time to offer counseling for long term resolution, instead rushing from crisis to crisis.

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Key Challenges Faced by School Psychologists Today

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