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The breast food for baby

Unless you’re one of these strange people who think the world’s only 6,000 years old, it’s clear that many more thousands of years of evolution went into the making of the best food for baby there can ever be: breastmilk. Increasing numbers of new mums are reading about the benefits of breastmilk and giving breastfeeding a go rather than heading straight for the bottle.


Old prejudiced ideas of it being uncomfortable and inconvenient can all be quickly quashed with just a quick browse of the gems on sale at Lansinoh. Expressing breastmilk needn’t lead to sore nipples anymore with a soothing tube of Lanolin to help you through any initial problems you may have when baby’s learning to latch on correctly, helping to establish a pain-free feeding and expressing routine.

Another worry for new mums is that they might have to be on feeding duty all day and all night without the single chance for a break. However, the new generation of breast pumps allow mum the freedom to express breastmilk for use later, meaning she can have some breaks from feeding times. Although many women start off expressing with a hand pump, the speed and ease of an electric breast pump means one quickly becomes a ‘must buy’ for many mums, especially those who want to return to work but keep feeding baby their own breastmilk.

As breastfeeding is slowly making its way back to being the ‘normal’ way to feed a baby it’s encouraging to know that under the Equality Act 2010 a UK business can’t discriminate against a breastfeeding mother on their premises – so if you’re in a café or restaurant and someone asks you to leave when you’re breastfeeding your baby, you have the legal might behind you now to refuse and threaten legal action!


So the old saying’s true: breast is best. And with so many aids on sale these days to help you – and the protection of the law when feeding in public – it need not be as daunting as it once was.

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