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The Best Cars for Mums and Families

Packing your kids into your car seems to be a superpower that you have acquired since becoming a parent. Your current family car, however, may not be best suited for your family. If the kids are complaining that they are cramped in the back of the car, it may be time to start looking for a new one.

There is a vast choice of family friendly models that can suit all budgets. Whether you decide to get a brand new vehicle or whether you opt for a used car, there are certainly plenty of choices. Choosing the perfect family car has never been easier. You won’t get moaned at for having a cramped, crowded car anymore.

Peugeot 308

Peugeots are notoriously reliable and are perfect for those with teenagers. If you need a roomy, yet comfortable car that handles well and is safe, this is the car for you. The great thing is, is that they can be easily sought from a wide range of dealerships, so you don’t have to break the bank when getting one. They are fuel efficient, and they look good too, so you are not compromising style over comfort.

Ford B Max

The wonderful thing about Ford cars is their ruthless efficiency. They have become synonymous with safety. Fords are easy to repair, and the maintenance costs are low. This is perfect for families on a budget. The B Max is very spacious, which makes it an ideal family car for those with a new brood. There is plenty of legroom, which makes it ideal for those who are completing the school run on a Monday morning. Space is needed when you have a young family and the B Max provides this. You can find used Fords at GK Group.

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VW Sharan

Volkswagen is the perfect family car. Reliable and space efficient, they are the ultimate family vehicle. You can easily fit a brood of seven into the Sharan, which is great for larger families. For the driver, you are getting a comfortable yet easy drive. There is nothing worse than a car that does not  handle well. Fortunately, with the Sharan, you will find it easy to manoeuvre. What is more, it is quiet too. So, if you are using your car to get the kids off to sleep, you can be rest assured that this car won’t be noisy so that it won’t wake them up. This car suits all your needs.

Audi Q5

If you want a car that looks the business, but is also functional for family life, the Audi Q5 provides this. As it is a 4 x 4, its capabilities make it perfect for all kinds of terrain. This car will not only get you from A to B; it will take you everywhere else too. If you want a practical vehicle, coupled with luxury, this is the car for you. Audi has become the face of luxury in recent times, and the Q5 is a perfect example of why this is.

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