Take The Pressure Off Your Pregnancy With These Top Exercise Tips

If you have recently found out that you are pregnant, then congratulations are in order. Now the hard work begins. If you have had a baby before then you might remember just how tiring it is when you are pregnant. Of course, the fitter you are before you become pregnant, the easier the pregnancy should be. Maintaining that fitness gives you a better chance of getting your body back after birth. It can be quite difficult, but there are plenty of ways you can keep mobile and strong while carrying your little one.

Yoga during pregnancy is perfectly safe to do, providing your instructor knows you are pregnant from the very beginning. They will show you adaptations to some of the stretches to make the poses safe for you and baby. Some women can keep up once a week classes up until the eight-month point. This will help you manage your breathing and stay calm during the birth, but will also help you feel more energised throughout your pregnancy. Be careful not to overstretch, as you will be far more supple when pregnant than normal. Just go to the point where you used to reach and no further.

Swimming is a firm favourite for keeping you fit during pregnancy. The water takes the weight of the baby off you so you can feel some relief on your back and hips while you are in the water. Even when you are at your heaviest, the baby will feel less heavy to you, and you will feel a little more human and less like an AGA oven while you are in the water! Pressure on your bladder when pregnant may cut time in the pool down quite dramatically, but while you are there enjoy walking through the water and taking a load off! You can visit various online resources for more information about swimming during pregnancy.

Walking is very important when you are pregnant so pick a very comfy pair of flats and make it your mission to take a walk around the block twice a day. It pushes your stamina as you get heavier. It will also strengthen your legs to take the extra weight as you get bigger. As you walk, think about correcting your posture, so you are not a slave to position baby wants you to slouch into. A bump band is great for taking some of the weight off the front and back squarely on your hips. Always take a phone with you if you are going any further than a mile.


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When early labour starts, pacing up and down the living room is just as good as anything to help speed things along and keep you calm. Climbing the stairs is said to be good too because you are gently nudging baby as you raise your legs. Bouncing on the ball can help but may be uncomfortable as you come along because of where baby will be in the pelvis. Although you will be feeling very tired after a few hours, try to stay out of bed as long as you can, as you may not be able to get up again until after the birth!

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