Some Women Can’t “Just Leave” Abusive Relationships – Here’s Why

If a woman is in an abusive relationship, the easiest thing to do is just leave. But for some reason, most of them still stay. Various social studies have surprisingly shown that even the person causing violence is also adamant about leaving. But does this mean that the bond between both people is strong?

The best way to answer this is by looking at the main reasons why women still feel attached to this and like they just cannot leave the relationships.

The Fear of Getting Harmed When They Leave

More often than not, women get blackmailed by violent men. Sometimes, they may get death threats so they cannot just leave yet. Other times, abusive men may follow them and continue with the abuse. Some cases where men killed their partners after they left have been reported in the past. Out of fear of this, women choose to stay and continue suffering in silence. However, by opting for free legal information for Women in NSW or wherever they are located, such women can educate themselves on how to exit abusive relationships with the help of law.

The Fear of What Will Happen to Their Kids

When children are involved in a relationship, no woman wants to expose them to family separation. This is one of the biggest reasons why women still hold onto relationships that are abusive. They sacrifice their happiness so that their children can enjoy the completeness of a family. Sometimes, their partner may claim that they will keep the children and women fear that they could suffer in his hands. Thus, they feel that it is safer for them to stay and keep the kids safe. The truth, however, is that if the lady deals with the matter legally keeping a highly regarded divorce lawyer in Arlington Heights (or elsewhere) by her side, she can protect herself as well as the interest of her children, probably also winning the custody rights. It may be difficult to take this step, but it is ultimately the best choice.

Hoping That Things Will Get Better

When people are dating for the first time, everything looks great and both parties are happy. Couples who have just met through the Happymatches website can confirm this. But as time goes on, challenges may come up and the man will turn violent. For most women, they hope that things will get back to how they were before. Thus, they still hold on to hope and stay optimistic. They just can’t leave yet.

Inability to Pay Bills

When the family is big and the bills are numerous, many stay-at-home moms may fear taking responsibility alone. As unfortunate as it is, many women have decided to stay in abusive relationships as long as their kid’s school fees and other utility bills are paid. Even those who are working may weigh the options, and after realizing that it is not possible to live alone due to financial strains, they will stay.

Family and Friends

Well, family and friends play a big part in people’s lives. Sometimes, it could be difficult to please them. So, women fear disappointing them by separating from their partners. They just cannot leave their relationships yet. But this should not worry them because what matters is staying in a safe environment that cannot be provided by an abusive one.

From this, it is easy to tell that women cling to abusive relationships while they can make the right decisions and leave. We all know that it is hard, but making the right decision is crucial.

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