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Some of the Great Things Your Child Will Get to Do at Day Camps


Day camps during summer are so much fun. In fact, you will probably find your child will struggle to pick a favorite activity because there is so much to do. Let’s take a look, therefore, at some of the activities your child is likely to get involved in if you send them to day camps this summer.


During summer, kids love nothing more than getting wet and cooling down. At a good day camp, you can expect kids to have swimming lessons and fun play time in a lake or pool. Naturally, all children will be properly supervised and they will only be able to go in the water according to their own ability. Also remember, however, that swimming is a life-saving skill. So, not only will they be having fun, they will also learn something that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

Games and Sports

At day camp, there will also be many different games and sports to take part in. Different camps tend to have different opportunities, but don’t be surprised to see many different types of team sports in particular. Additionally, it is likely that they will organize some relay sports, in which each child has to perform individually, but for the benefit of the team. Learning to be a team player is a vital goal of any day camp.

Arts and Crafts

Not all children want to be physically active all the time. Many much prefer sitting down quietly and creating beautiful works of art. Very often, day camps are in areas with a lot of nature around them, and children can first go foraging for different materials that can then be used in various creative activities. In fact, depending on the age range of the day camp, kids may even take more advanced classes in things such as pottery or wood working.


Some larger day camps, particularly those that are situated at a lake, will also offer boating classes. Boating is another sport that teaches kids about water safety, as well as giving them fun skills to learn in terms of boating. Boating is another thing that is both a team and individual activity. Day camps often offer different types of boating options, such as rowing, sailing, kayaking, canoeing and sometimes even things such as jet skiing or water skiing.

Drama and Skits

Finally, it is very likely that your children will also take part in various theatrical productions. They may do acting, singing, playing an instrument and more. This is a vital part of increasing self-confidence.

As you can see, sending your child to day camp will be a great deal of fun for them, while being a meaningful learning experience at the same time. It is a chance for them to make new friends, explore new skills, build their own confidence, become a real team player and more. Clearly, it is an opportunity that your child should not be denied.

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